Brit Soldiers On LSD

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by babiesarm, Aug 29, 2003.

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  1. We used to have exercises that ended like that, but we were normaly given ten-packs of Herforder, not LSD

  2. Liked the bit where the Rad Op decided not to bother with his radio... The gun crew looked a bit iffy too......
  3. Are you lot trying to start up a new thread slagging off the KINGO's? :lol:
  4. ive seen it before , wonder what happened to the troopers since ?
  5. They failed CDT and got booted out. :lol:
  6. Does anyone actually know if the aforementioned is totally kosher or faked? Bone question I know but there seemed to be a few anomalies in it. Anyways it's been put to good use as a Fag Break Movie in umpteen lesson plans (BITS course guidelines.... my arrse)
  7. its real enough , the MOD at the time wanted to see what happens to enemy troops if try to fire shells filled with LSD etc there were lots of experiments in the 60 using all sorts .

    wouldn't happen so much no cos you might get sued :lol:
  8. It'll probably be in the next recruitment campaign...."Army - Be Utterly Wankered!"
  9. It is a Royal Marine troop. Look at the cap badge.

    I heard about this when I joined in the 70ties.

    It had a folklore

    The clip shown is mild, the full version shows a lot more radical action

    One guy chops down a tree with his entrenching tool for example

    The Troop went f##king miz

    I have to admit without LSD the guys could do good LSD impressions

    As for the dit about KINGO's it is a drugs film not a film on how to thieve off your oppo's

  10. Chris,

    good to have you back! Where have you been?!
  11. Looks like a normal monday morning exercise to me...
  12. On a similar subject, does anyone remember the "This is a fat Pig-soldier, using his belt as a corset etc..." trg film?
  13. The fat pig what !!!-never heard of it.

    Mind do remember the "movement at night" film a black and white from the 1950's with some crow having to wear a tit on his head.

    Also the Hot and Cold climte one with a very young Del Boy in it.
  14. Erm...why are we so concerned...after all it appears that our current government seems to be popping tabs!