Brit soldier killed by Iraqi police?

hansvonhealing said:,,7374-2048571,00.html
...a sickening story. Cynical enough to wonder if this has been printed to 'balance' yesterdays article about Brit troops 'executing' an Iraqi?
Sickening indeed. Frankly it makes me too angry to say anything constructive, except that I hope his mother gets the peace she deserves.
This must be a terrible blow for the family and it must make his death harder to deal with. If this does prove to the case that the police were involved, and to be honest we do not trust the Iraqis 100%, then it is time to pack up and leave. How can we police a country when all quarters are out to take a piece of you.
It's rather ironic that Iraqi police can be released after they had been "vouched for" by one of their own. Quid pro quo anyone? What price some baksheesh for a sqaddies' family, taking into account pain and suffering, future earnings, etc?
Rage against The Machine's "Know your enemy" springs to mind..............

I hope that this actually gets more coverage than it currently is, though it will be painfull for the family he has left behind, it will show the doubters exactly what we are up against and might go some way toward getting some ppl off our backs, hopefully.
It would be good to think that our responsible media would now get on the case and persue it as they do when it is a story about our soldiers.

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