Brit Soldier in Aussie Mess

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by AusMedic89, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Just back from the mess and saw a Brit soldier sporting multicam with a flasher on her right arm, has multicam replaced DPM as dress of the day for the BA? or this chick just special?

    Flasher as worn on her right arm (could of had a symbol in the middle but was too far awy to see), anyone know what unit she was from?)

  2. Google MTP.

    It's our new cam by Crye.
  3. Belgum or German rather than a pom?
  4. Wait, a female soldier and he could actually tell that she was female? Things have changed...
  5. Thats the one, cheers mate

    and Bushmills, the Union Jack on the left shoulder was a big indicator to her nationality
  6. The important question is, was her uniform tucked in with her sleeves rolled up or not?
  7. and did she have a fat arrse?
  8. sleeves were down, shirt not tucked in like us Aussies, and she was quite skinny
  9. My God. Skinny? Female REME WALT in Aussie Mess Shocker.
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  10. Bloody hell, a correctly dressed female british soldier who wasn't the size of a house? You do realise that no one here will actually believe you, don't you...
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  11. I smell a ******* wind up, a skinny REME cock socket thats correctly dressed. Fark Off!
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  12. She would also have had dirty finger nails and some spanners hanging out of her back pocket. Blue collar worker.

  14. Did it not cross your mind just to ask her?