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Brit slackers...

I think those in the corner offices are getting wise to the ' antics' of the standard Brit worker..

6 out of 10 bosses in Britain and Ireland believe most workplace absences by employees are not genuine [ and the other 4 are gullible twits, I guess ]..
In a survbey of 1343 employers and 3000 employees the average number of sick days taken had risen from 8 [ shocking ] to 9 [ horrors ] in 2004.

The most common reasons cited were:
cold/flu 41%
physical injuries 24%
stress 15%

Mondays and Fridays were particularly harsh on workers' health and Wednesdays seemed to be relatively free of negative effects on workers' abilities to be present and accounted for..

of, course, it could well be that most workers just are bored to tears with their dead end, worthless jobs and don't give a f....

which leads to this next bit of revelation.. nearly half of British workers plan to change jobs within the next two years [ planning and doing, of course, are separate things ] 48% of the 5000 surveyed plan to make a change..but 40% expect it will be harder finding a new position and 51% expect that hardship to increase over the next 5 years...
The biggest reason for dumping the present employment.. 1 in 3 cite ' neutrality or dissatisfaction with present situation '
[ gee, how novel a conclusion ]...

Help is on the way, though.. trust the Japanese..

Japan has earmarked $ 350 million US to create ' boot camps 'to help idle youngsters find jobs. Officially numbering 520,000 a growing legion of young people have acknowledged that they have no intention of working causing a drain on the country's workforce as the population ages...
Called NEETS [ not in employment, education or training ] these kids are forcing a large drop in Japan's skilled labourforce and a decline in growth potential.. The government hopes these camps will help the youth snap out of their idleness..


I say bring back national service, ship 'em all to Afghanistan or some other impoverished sh*thole and let them see first hand how the the third world lives and then remind them that they'll end up the same way with no means of feeding their X-Box/Playstation habit or enjoying a pint and an bit of weed ' wif their mates ' if they don't get off their ass and do something for a change..

[ yeah, I know, I'm p*ssing in the wind on this ]..

And the reason why?.. is simple.. because ' important people' are more interested in their petty PC crusades than in the reality of the world...

Kraft Food has had to stop production of its Trolli Road Kill Gummi Candy - bite size fruit chews in the shape of roadkill - squirrels, snakes, and other critters complete with tire marks across them - because of outcries over the possibily they might contribute to encouraging children to be cruel to animals...the economy can go down the toilet but the kids will be all touchy-feely with their pets...

oh, mother, shoot me now...I can see the Apocalypse approaching...
lol... when I went into civvy street for two years I would call me boss at 7.30am on a monday morning and he would just say "see you tomorrow". Mondays were not a strong point of mine.... so it worked out nice that I had a caring boss and he didnt mind me doing the extra hours monday to saturday to make up for the missed time.

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