Brit Para Medic Saves American Soldier

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Yes it was a good act of bravery by this young British Paratrooper!

    You know what else I think? I doubt that these 'Brit SAS and Paras, soldiers use the word "septic" very much if at all, when refering to their American fellow soldiers in arms. :wink:
  3. Trip_Wire, it means nothing. Sticks and stones .... etc.

    Anyway, even though your post had already appeared in the forums, it does merit repeating.
  4. I agree, I hadn't read it yet.

    Trip_Wire, it's well documented that US troops jokingly called their british comrades limeys in WWII. Septic and SPAM are nothing more than friendly jabs in the shoulder :wink:

    *******. RIP to the innocent. I hope those Taliban get what's coming to them
  5. What fecking planet are you on you septic fecking moron?!
  6. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I don't agree with you on this!

    It's quite a jump from the "limeys" term used in WW II to the use of "Septic" now. My home has a Septic Tank system, so I know VERY well, what the term septic means to those that use it, to describe Americans. I don't take as a joke, nor would most American service people that I know and/or associate with. The American people and especially the American armed forces have a lot of respect for the People of Great Britian and especially for their armed forces. We consider them both as Allies and friends. I visit most of the American military boards that are worth visiting and I have NEVER seen an insult or negative thing on any of them about the Brit's.

    Your statement here "Septic and SPAM are nothing more than friendly jabs in the shoulder." IMHO it is far from that! I don't like to be called a tank full of $hit, etc. I don't find it humorous at all, nor if the situation was reversed would the average Brit on this board or in that Country! I find the term insulting and if a Brit called me this term face to face, I just might reply with a swift kick to his 'nads. Septic indeed!

    The term Limey's had no such nasty association, as does the word septic and Limey is very much out of date for use in this era. It was generated by their Navy in the sailing days when they apparently used limes, to prevent scurvy.

    I am not aware of any slang negitive term currantly in use by Americans, or people in its armed forces, used to call people for Great Britian and/or people in their Armed Forces.

    Now I'm aware that there are a few people on this board (Perhaps 1 %?) that seem to hate Americans and want to insult them at every opportunity. A good example has already appeared in this tread with "AF1771" comments or those that use ant-american statements in their singnature lines. One even reads "I hate fcuking americans." Now Chief, do you think he is jabbing your shoulder? Somehow, I doubt it. :wink:

    A lot of these same people, seem to think that our politicians represent all americans, or that the average american dictates our foreign policies, etc. They can't seem to separate their hatered of President Bush and the currant foreign policy of this country, from the average american and especially people in it's armed forces, who have to carry it out, just as their's does.

    This is a Brit board and we are visitors, I get that! As I said before I have to accept their rules, etc. I don't have to like being called a "septic" or any other derogatory term, without taking exception to it. If you want to accept being called a "Septic," without comment that is your bag. In my case, I will respond in kind, most likely, by PM to that individual.
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I agree it does deserve repeating by an American, especially! I would have deleted it; however, when it was called to my attention, but once somebody posts in the tread the person that placed the tread can't delete it. Perhaps, in the future a PM to the person who placed the tread would be better, so he/she could delete it.

    Oh! See my comment on "sticks & Stones," in this tread.
  8. Just because you are unaware of a nasty association. It does not mean it does not exist. The roots of the term Limey are as you state from the purchase of limes by the Royal Navy to prevent scurvy. but it is a insult. At the time the RN used to buy limes because they were cheaper than oranges & lemon which other navies used. by calling a Brit a "limey" you are calling them a british miser.

    Why shouldn't Americans be held accountable for the actions of YOUR government. We didn't vote for them. You do help dictate your country's foreign policy. You and your peers selected the US government. It is acting on your behalf.
  9. People - this is supposed to be a thread about terribly brave people on Ops, regardless of nationality.

    If you want to debate 'Septic vs Limey' please do so - in a new thread! :D

    Honestly, I leave the house for 2 minutes and you're all off again...
  10. So we are responsible for tony bliar then?

  11. Sadly, Yes
  12. Paras are doing well and they are not angry ...................yet!
  13. I agee. It's ironic that a thread about a brit risking his life for an American comrade is being used for international slagging. Pte McKinley didn't see an American or a Brit, but a comrade.

    If there is a need for a slagging match, take it to the NAAFI where it belongs
  14. Cheers Chief, and with that, this thread is locked.

    Folks - please try and stop using every single thread to attack our American friends. Start a new and wholly dedicated thread for that purpose! :)

    Many thanks as usual.
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