Brit-Pakistanis join Taliban to fight UK ’

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pranith_Almeida, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Inevitable given the sheer mass of terrorist plots unleashed by those of Pakistani origin against the UK starting from yesterdays London plot and working on to the London aircraft bombing plot, the London transport bombing plot, the ammonium nitrate fertilizer bomb plot etc….etc….etc

    Also a smart move on the part of these Pakistani origin terrorists.

    Attacking the UK’s interests in Afghanistan carries with it the option of availing the safe haven R & R facilities in Pakistan whereas remaining in the UK offers no such option :

  2. I read the article in The Sunday Times this morning. Individuals like this have been going off to fight for Islam for a while now. If they are captured whilst fighting against UK forces can they be charged with treason?
  3. I think Treason is the one crime that still holds the Death Penalty, if any of these so called British Pakistani Taliban are caught, this law should be applied.
  4. Unfortunately the EU human rights thing have made the death penalty wrong, The death penalty went in 1999 for treason.

    Although can you still get it for Arsen in the Royal dockyards?
  5. We would be better off asking (unofficially of course) for our friends in Pakistan to look after these chaps in one of their jails. As I understand it Pakistan knows how to run jails as opposed to open prison camps here in the UK. Also it wouldn't cost the British Tax Payer £30-£100k per year to house them....

    Whilst on this rant perhaps we could export some of our prison population or outsource it on mass :)
  6. No, they won't as they'll be too busy trying to convince us that they were there building schools and wells..........bit like the last time.

    Hopefully they'll not be taken prisoner so it'll not be an issue.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    No, that's normal for Plymouth...

  8. Rather than capturing the armed angry man with the rifle and proving he was trying to kill british forces, then convicting him and trying him.

    Would it not be simpler to show the angry man the advantage of running fast and staying low?
  9. No they would meet too many new freinds - we should out source to Russia, they have an established if currently underused network of correctional facilities, place like Perm, I have never been but it does not sound very nice
  10. It was amazing how many Pakistanis suddenly had wedding to have been to when captured in some sh1thole on the Afghan border last time round wasn't it?
  11. I was just about to say that yes, there was a programe on channel 4 where some went for a 'wedding' in Afghanistan and just so happened to get captured by the Northern Alliance. Why not just start we take no prisoners stratergy that involves slotting any left standing, wounded or trying to surrender.
  12. Why not recruit them for the British Army instead? We could do with a suicide battalion or two? Might solve the undermanning issue and the future costs of pensions in one fell swoop!
  13. According to a programme on BBC radio 4 sixty percent of UK girls of Pakistani origin and forty percent of boys return to 'their homeland' to marry and bring into the UK a spouse. Even the NuLabour minister being interviewed didn't sound too keen, though possibly because it involved arranged marriage rather than any other implications.
  14. Why not organise an 'International Brigade' of volunteers, ready to teach these Islamofascists baskets a lesson? Are there any training camps out there for those who want to fight against the terrorists on their own turf?