Brit Kickboxer alledgely stabs former US marine to death in Thailand

Thai cops hunt Marine's alleged killer - World news - Asia-Pacific -

BANGKOK — A manhunt was underway on a Thai island for a British kickboxer who allegedly picked a fight with an American tourist at a bar, followed him back to his hotel and stabbed him to death.

The body of Dashawn Longfellow, 23, a former Marine who was awarded the Purple Heart, was found before dawn Saturday at the Yanui Paradise Resort on the island of Phuket with several stab wounds in his chest, said police Lt. Col. Anukul Nuket.

Longfellow was on vacation, recovering from an injury sustained in Afghanistan, when he was killed, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported.
RIP Marine.

Get out of combat zone in one piece after getting hit and wind up getting killed on R&R.

My condolences to the family.
Update from Phuket
DRAMATIC footage from inside a 7-Eleven store on Phuket shows a man who looks a lot like British kickboxer Lee Aldhouse obtaining two fruit knives.

Security camera video show the man entering the store at Rawai, in southern Phuket, soon after a fistfight took place at the neighboring Freedom Bar early on Saturday morning.

Phuket Kickbox Killing: Cam Shows 'Man in Black' With Knife - Phuket Wan

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