Brit invasion

Since it looks like we are exchanging members between and I thought I would stop by to see what was going on.
Welcome to the happy band Dino.

Now, this is a British board, and the vast majority of our members are currently serving British Military. As such, the humour can sometimes appear scathing and merciless, but, if you have broad shoulders, you can certainly get through the "initiation"

5 things to remember#

1. In common with most Brits, we dislike and distrust MOST politicians, but certain politicians, from Mugabe through Blair to Bush 43 are subject to special ire. :D

2. Don't take anything to heart, we don't know you, and you don't know us (yet) but if you can give as good as you get, you'll fit right in

3. Don't spit your comforter/throw your teddy in the corner, it'll simply attract more attention. Like you Americans say "Suck it up and move on"

4. Be prepared, for a lot of disagreement with aspects of US policy, but if you make good points and debates, they will be responded to as such.

5. Remember. most of the "armchair or Monday morning quarterbacking", is being done by people who have either been there and done that, or, are currently there and doing it, therefore, if a statement is made, that is regarded as "Bone" (Not very bright or informed) it tends to get the arrse kicked out of it.

Those points aside, welcome on board, look forward to your contributions

Best regards

Thanks Pongo,

Don't worry about the scathing humor, I can't understand a thing you Brits are talking about anyhow, I thought you were all Irish! :D
Morning M'lud

Yep, prepping for a meeting later this morning, and just trying to catch up on the fracas that seemed to have broken out last night.

Thought I'd extend a welcome to our cousins across the pond, and remind them to

1. Take it on the chin
2. Fly by at least twice, before hosing down the first phat target they see :D
The guys who are coming across now are just like us (but not as good, obviously!), they know the score.

It started by a bit of a misunderstanding shall we say, I'm sure you'll get filled in though.
I think we have to get used to the way the British express themselves.

Can you define a few terms:

Does take a slash mean to take a piss?

Does piss have another meaning?
Right.. against my better judgement, but at the invitation of The_Lord_Flasheart I'm staying up past my bedtime to see what all the cross-Atlantic brouhaha was all about...

quite the site you fellows run here.. typically British :all overengineered and complicated when a simple notice board would suffice...still I like it...

Much more rough and tumble than the US site I normally hang out in [ takes a level headed Canadian to keep them focussed ]...

Been to your side of the pond on many an occasion [ even married a lass from the wild north beyond Hadian's wall ] and while its a bit small landwise, the people got big hearts...

Me dear departed grannie lived in the Portobello Road and I'm told I got some relatives still hanging out in London town somewhere...

So, what do you chaps do for fun on this site besides insult Americans and make fun of President Shrub ?
Morning you bunch of transatlantic transsexuals.

Good to see some better ambassadors coming accross, hope your bearing gifts :D (Stick yer hershey bars and rootbeer)

Nothing is personal on here, no matter how close to the bone it gets, hell I may even get to like you. Then you will have to buy me a drink :D

How caring sharing and sensitive of you MDN - You will be hugging the trees with the hippies in Notts next. Have you gone all new age on us ?

Being 'of the colonies' myself I welcome all Plastic Americans - as long as they don't speak French. :lol:
Hippies? You still have hippies? Hasn't been a hippie in the US since the 70's.


OK for any visiting Spams... What the F### does HOOAH mean??

For the Brits - it is something they say to everything!!!!
Top O' the morning to ya ass bandits,

HOOAH means you are in agreement and support what is currently being said.

What does Spams mean?
HOOAH is an Army thing. If you're a Marine, it's OORAH! The Air Force says Dude!
Piss - To urinate

Take a Piss - to urinate

Take THE Piss - to be cruel and unkind or talk to each other like squaddies do.

Fag - a cigarette

Butts - The target end of a rifle range

Butt Party - The group of men who work the targets

So a Butt party taking the piss whilst having a fag break is a group of Toms engaging in jovial banter whilst having a rest from their labours and possible cigarette, not something which we'd all rather not think about let alone describe on this family orientated sight.
Thanks Mushroom,

Just trying to understand the differences in the use of the language.
I have an English/American
American/English dictionary somehere................I can see I shall have to dig it out. (Find it :lol: )
Spam's means

Spastic Plastic American Motherfucker's (No offence intended)

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