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Brit Git Wins Prize

Just read about some British' Art Prize' won by some turdboy who set up an ' installation' of a protest rally/spot that someone else actually used..wasn't even his own idea.. just duplicated an actual protest barrier and signs that some poor schlub put together to fight against some injustice or high price or something..

Then this guy steps in, copies the real thing as an ' art installation'[ what a f**kin crock ] and walks off with a few thousand quid because some fcukwit ' critics ' went gaagaa over it.

Has the world sunk so low that no one knows what 'art' is anymore?.. I mean I thought things were lost when they paid to have a crack opened up in the gallery and labelled with some pretentious title meaning sh*tall...

okay.. going back to my beer now...
You have to admit though, it takes some fucking skill to pull off claiming something like that as art and then get paid millions of pounds for it. 8O
Takes no funking skill. Piece of sh1t lazy talentless art-schlob needs to be lanced.

Whole cnutry is like that now Rocketeer....Britain is a sad and lonely place to live....we are the cesspit of humanity, we are a dying cnutry....

And no-one...I mean no-one has the balls to stand up and make it right....


War Hero
This story will interest you then :D

Ex_ex said:
This story will interest you then :D


Love reading anything 'art' being undermined. It just goes to show what a complete load of toss it really is.

Maybe I should start taking photos everytime I curl one off in the future. That and a bit of photoshop and I could make millions :D
you've got to admire bare faced cheek of it

heard of typical art student did nothing for a term big show coming up hired a mini skip anyone came close burbled on about homelessness and consumerism result pass :evil:
Remember when Esther Rantzen did a spoof, think the prog was called Thats Life, got a bunch of chimps to paint, then she had all the art critics in, champagne reception, the whole shooting match, those fcukers were going nuts over the paintings, all set against a small screen, showing the chimps painting.
Never laughed so much in a long time, classic, just showed what a bunch of twankers they are.
I liked his bear act - reminded me of Hofmeister...sweet, cool, cool Hofmeister beer...maybe Courage should sue the cnut for 25k?
Cuddles said:
I liked his bear act - reminded me of Hofmeister...sweet, cool, cool Hofmeister beer...maybe Courage should sue the cnut for 25k?
Hofmeister? 8O
It was barely fcuking drinkable.
Christ, what's next, Carling?

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