Brit Expat want to do 2 month reservist officer training course

Hey lads,

Here's the deal, I'm 25 yrs old, graduated with my PhD last year, but before then got on a "leadership course" that took us to RMAS for a couple of days. Since then I've become infatuated with the idea of serving my country as a reservist officer. I signed to train as a reservist officer, passed medical checks and such, but just before I passed main board, I got a postdoc offer from a great uni on the US east coast. I left for the US, CV building and such, but I really want to ask my supervisor for leave to go back and do the 8-week consolidated officer training course. After that I would go back to the USA, finish my contract in one years time, then go back to the UK where I'd be able to fufil out my duties as a reservist officer. Is this a feasible plan or will doing the training then moving away for a year make me look like a dick?
Well, at least you're self aware enough to partly answer you own that's a good start.

Hold your fecking horses for a year and then come back fully committed and able to put all the time that you can in.
Have you done main board?

If not then stand fast. Get your application in online as this will take time anyway and being in the US will only slow it down a little. Then get back and do the course when you do. Oh and work on physical training while in the US too.

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