Brit convoy attacked in Afghanistan

Just heard this on BBC, talk of 2 injured
Three British soldiers were injured, two of them seriously in a suspected bomb attack in Afghanistan yesterday.

They were travelling in an armed Landrover carrying out a search as part of a convoy in the province of Helmand when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

The soldiers are the first combat casualties suffered by British forces since the announcement of the deployment of almost 6000 troops into southern Afghanistan. The injured soldiers, one of whom was described as "walking wounded" are been treated at a medical facility in Kandahar.

This was the second attack targeting British forces in Helmand in less than a week. A suicide bomber carried out an attack at the headquarters of Provincial Reconstruction Team, used by UK forces, in the capital Lashkar Gar.

I hope the wounded make a full recovery - thankfully their injuries are said to be minor.

UK soldiers hurt in Afghanistan

Two British soldiers have suffered minor injuries in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.
A spokeswoman said the pair, and a local person, were hurt in an incident in the south of the country.

She confirmed that it happened in Lashka Gar, but the MoD could not confirm reports that a suicide car bomber drove into a military convoy.

Meanwhile, four soldiers were injured in an incident involving an explosion in Shaibah, in southern Iraq.

This incident happened near the Shaibah logistics base, just outside Basra.

On Tuesday three British soldiers were injured in an explosion, in southern Afghanistan.
It was a mine that had been washed into a Wadi that they drove over.

One of those places where OPTAG tell you not to go as the mines are washed into them in the floods!

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