Brit boys! - Say this ain't so????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. Okay.. so some news takes a awhile for the packet boat across the Atlantic to get here..but..after my Brit Buddies sent me this.. I just had to have a good cry and then yell.. " Who Is In Charge ? " and - Do they have any brains?..

    Where is the huge howl from the people over this travesty and ignorant short-sightedness?.. At a time when Britain is all over the map 'defending democracy ' -how is this going to help? and just how much money will it really save ?

    Why hasn't Blair been chased back into his hole over this?

    and also:

    strikes me as a curious way to support the military..
    oh, wait....
    now I get it....
  2. It would be nice for a group of ex-senior officers to make a stand a la FCO when they signed a letter complaining about foreign policy in the gulf. It may have had little effect in the end but at least it would make the government squirm for a bit. All you seem to hear is the odd ex-officer here and their saying it is a bad idea. A couple of serving Generals standing up for the army wouldn't go amiss either.
  3. Do any political parties favour an increase in military spending?
  4. I would be very suprised if they did !

    Or if they did it would soon change after they got into power, but I am sure we will find out come next General Election 8O

    As far as i can tell, the BNP are the only people with much sympathy for the Armed Forces. They'll not get my vote though.
  6. yes we are over strectched but we are not feckin weak. and to pull all troops back from Germany and out of NATO well we dont get many tours outside of a hostile environment. So what the feck is that about.

    The BNP if they they had it their own way would, impose conscription but you should see the state of some off these fish head conscripts.

    I dont agree with alot of policies that labour and the conservatives want too bring in. BUT id rather be a lifetime :cry: and more under them, than a second under these NAZI influenced idiots. Our great grandfathers fought the nazi machine once, lets not do it again. All BNP should be hung for for treason. If you want too stop the amount of refugees coming into this country drop their rate of benefits. as with all scavengers they will go somewhere else. If they are here for genuine reasons then help them all we can. But where is the line?

  7. Well i agree with you about the bnp he was only pointing out they had a defence policy which didnt invole scrapping and cut backs .
    It seems policy is win a war then cut some more guess if we lost badly then we might spend more its barking mad isnt it ?
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    And you live precicely where under Bliar's influence ......? :D :D
  9. Im in Norway, the government is very much a conservative one but the nationilist party has made a greater comeback than the BNP have ever done comepared to the UK. Theres a lot of scared norwegians out there! 8O

    Norwegian army is looking too take on more Professional soldiers and yes you can join as british citizens.

    I agree, the tri services will will have to take severe punch in the nose and be severely battered before the british public will take notice. and even then the government will probably blame us any way.

    Seniors and officers should stop working overtime and allow the system too break someone will take notice. its not failure we just cant cope :evil:
  10. Humm, whilst I agree with the principle we are unfortunately not paid overtime, so this may not have a great effect. Perhaps we could offer to work on sports afternoons.... Oh yeah, don't get those either anymore...
  11. H'mmmmmmmmm knowing your favourite sports me old son I hardly think afternoon is the best time for them.
  12. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps we should go back to pre-1633 when the army was a bunch of well trained, experienced and battle hardened mercenaries which Britain, having seen how well our men fought for other Kings thought well they might as well fight for us and gave the first Charter to what are now known as the Royal Scots - funnily enough, just the unit with it's head now on the chopping block. Now we have a bunch of well trained, experienced and battle hardened troops who are in line for the sack.

    Perhaps the 'plan' is to get rid of all our armed forces, let the Spams protect us and we become another State of the US of A, allowing Bliar to run for President. And before anyone says you have to be born in the US to become Pres, if we became a State he would have been born in the US! :!:
  13. I still have trouble getting my head round all this. We are doing more tours than ever, the first sign of trouble and TBliar sends us in, at the whim of old GB he also sends us in with the Yanks. So why cut us back more, when we are doing more than ever?

    If we had firstly, a Sec of State with a spine then he would stand up and do something, then secondly some Senior Officers with ficking spines who are interested in the welfare of the troops and the land army instead of their peerages.

    Selfish tossers, work for your money :twisted:
  14. SOI

    SOI LE


    Lights, camera..... And ACTION!


    oh Mam! We're celebredees now!