Brit backpacker found safe and well...

Shall be known as 'The one that got away' from now on.
Slack drills Bruce.
We made this one drink his own piss instead, makes a change from drinking someone else's.
I dunno, you saddled the world with Foster's. This has got to be a step up.

Mark The Convict

Foster's! Shit, you're right, I hadn't thought of that. Maybe he was making a desperate bid to escape, and these well-meaning citizens have ruined everything. Mind you, he reckons he wants to join the Royal Marines, so this is good experience for him...


Kit Reviewer
I know this isn't the NAAFI, but his mum has great boobs
This chap wants to join the Army as an officer ! My take is the old Army saying..."there is nothing more dangerous than an officer ...and a map!" I suggest he buys a compass and learns some ideas on how to navigate... before he leads his men into the "blue". Incidentally drinking saline solution will dehydrate not hydrate.....just a tip from an ex- desert survivor of the sixties...urine is good though when desperation cuts in...never needed it personally.

ps: certain Retd. Major General as a Lt. got us lost on exercise in Libya in the sixties.....yours truly as a trooper crept up after 2 days wandering as lost Bedu and re-orientated his sun compass to reflect the Northern Hemisphere. True.
How much has h gotten paid for this carefully scripted tale of survival against all the local, I went jogging in the bush and got lst like you do, odds?

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