Brit Axe Culture

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AubreyGerrard, Mar 15, 2005.

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    Better to live in a society where people don't feel the need to carry an axe...

  2. At least he was smartly dressed. Better class of Axe Murderer in Belsize Park.... :wink:
  4. Are the family of the victim going to call for tighter axe controls now?
  5. Like a base ball bat - only if carrying a ball

    Axe - only if carrying a log 8O

    What would all the Chelsea Camel Trophy Land Rover owners do with their roof rack mounted felling axes.

    No magazines allowed after multiple paper cut attack by a Cosmo wielding single mum :roll:
  6. The guy with the axe was the other blokes boss. He'd previously told him that if he didn't pull his socks up, heads would roll and he may be for the chop.

    Looks like he didn't listen.

    Coat, get my. I'll........
  7. J_D

    J_D LE

    Looks like they let dui out for the day!
  8. There was some suggestion in one of the papers that the axeman had been sexually abused, when younger, by the victim. If that is the case, the state should have done it.
  9. Maybe he was out headhunting staff......
  10. Thank you, Biscuits... :lol:
  11. Are you all axeist, it blatently states that a hatchet was used, but that was in the Sun!
  12. Clearly the axe man was cool and calm. but the other guy lost his head!!

    Just goes with the saying, can you keep your head while all around are loosing theres??
  13. Maybe the old boy told him to get his chopper out...........
  14. Apparantly as he made his escape he was heard to sing "I'm a LumberJack and I'm OK.."

    Before it happened the old fellah was heard to say "Axe Murderer? Yeah, right".
  15. THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - "Attack Of The Mad Axeman"

    Sneaking round the back streets
    Don't stay out to late
    cause he's got something he want's to give to you
    He calls in his dreams, with his phantom screams
    Hide from the shadows in the night
    Only day will save you,
    Gotta watch the attack of the mad axeman
    He can take you anytime he pleases
    He wants to make you bleed,
    Around town his laughter sounds
    Deep into the night, that flash of knife in the
    Flickering lights for you
    He knows when he's down
    But he's got to have more
    Cause he thrives on excess celebration!
    Time after time, in the wings, you can see him
    He's only looking for fun, in his dreams; Ah...
    Watch the attack of the mad axeman!