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Brit arrested at Bestiality Farm


Book Reviewer
cloudbuster said:
Even ugly horses need 'loving'.

Well yes, but given that it's daunting enough if your girlfriend's ex was particularly well-endowed, how much of a mind-fuck must it be as you step on to the box behind the mare, given what she's used to?

Did I say that out loud?


Book Reviewer
On the Canadian border? Anywhere near Labrador?

So now a picture of your dog lying down looking cuddly is bestial....?

I'm off to the quack.
smartascarrots said:
when agents searched Spink's home, they found a video of Clarke sexually abusing dogs.
I had no idea that was s criminal offence. Is it only rape if you don't buy them a Blue WKD first?
The cops, acting on a lead, got a collar. He thought it was ruff justice but the dog put its paws up to it.

Lassie is 35 in dog years.

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