Brit Army in Battlefield 2

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by sky_jacket, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    Was reading through the ARRSE site and came across this thread :D Nice to see users appreciating the mod! To clarify, I'm not a Walt, nor are the other advisors ;) I'm Infantry, and the other advisors with the mod are RAC, ex-RE etc.

    We are about to release Project Reality Version 0.6 over at

    We have the usual kit issued to British troops ingame, along with vehicles like the WMIK, Warrior, Apache etc, as well as the Chally2 pictured above.

    Some images...

    3rd person view of the WMIK

    A Warrior section come under contact from Insurgent attacks in Al Basrah

    A RM defending the flag

    You can see plenty more images from the 0.6 BETA build in here:

    The mod was originally built around making the BF2 more realistic and less arcadey. It has moved on in leaps and bounds now, and is bearly comparable to the characteristics of the original engine that it runs of.

    Feel free to fire away any questions/comments you may have. If you are on ArmyNET, you can ask us serving members any questuions you may have on the 'Online Gaming' forum.



  2. Being a reality mod, i thought i'd just point out the inaccuracy with the Apache.

    Assuming it's meant to be a Westlands (i.e. British) apache, it shouldn't have any missiles at the end of it's pylons (wings).

    I know their is provision for this, but it's not the usual fitting.
  3. Yup, we are indeed aware of this. The main problem we have when implementing new equipment etc into the various factions is gameplay balance.

    In BF2, jets tend to nail the crap out of anything and everything and are hard to shoot down. With PR0.6, the jets fly at simulated real life speeds, instead of the BF2 arcade speeds. This means that it takes more 'skill' to fly a jet, but they are also a nightmare to get rid of.

    The air to air missiles are there so that the all-powerful jets don't completely destroy the experience for the majority of players, who will be playing as grunts on the ground.
  4. I like the look of this. I'll have a gander tomorrow when I've packed the missus off to work.
  5. Gaz glad your on ARRSE. Downloaded after reading reply to my Q in this thread.
    Haven't really touched it yet (Still struggling with Arma) but from initial use couldn't work out how to play online, probably being a total mong but if you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated,

  6. Hey Frenchie, thanks for the welcome :)

    IRT your problems, just fire up PR via the desktop icon that installs upon installation, select Multiplayer or Internet games (can't remember which it is :p), and pay particular attention to your ingame browser settings. The browser settings are usually the biggest problem new players have when not seeing any servers appearing, no matter how many times they refresh.

    The settings for your ingame browser should be set at the settings noted in this Help thread:

    What I think you are looking for is near the bottom of the post :) Hope that helps!

  7. PR certainly knocks the bollocks off most other games.

    Have a look at the =TSG= gaming clan. We have 0.5 on our server at the minute and will be going to 0.6 when the BETA testing has finished. Although we play Vanilla most of the time we can easily switch over if we get enough interest.
  8. Been using this mod since it came out and its definitely one of the best BF2 versions around, nice work mate..
  9. Strima,

    Just to let you know that we have a LOT of our playerbase playing PR Open Beta 0.607rc1 currently, meaning that the current 0.5 server playerbase will take somewhat of a kick in the bollocks until the Open Beta concludes and we fire 0.6 out the door. Reason being the playerbase is split over the official current release (0.5) and the Open Beta release (0.607rc1). The playerbase will obviously jump bigtime when we switch back to having one current release available, plus the intake of new players wanting to have a look around the mod.

    We have been a little delayed by a group of people wanting to hack servers and how PR is played, so we have had to lock down our files for the next public release.

    Please be aware that if you wish to run a PR 0.6 server (it'll be out in a week or 2) you will have to sign up for an accoutn to get access to the server files. You can check the details on the News page at

  10. Whoa! Check out the dash on the landrover screenshot... 200kph!! Are you mad?!

    I'm about to get BF2 installed on new machine, already have downloaded patch 1.41... see you guys on the battlefield!

  11. Already aware of this but waiting for more interest from the clan. I know what you mean about the hackers.

    I've also been involved in a lot of the single player testing so for those of you who can't get online all the time there is a treat in store!!!!!
  12. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Downloaded this mod today, and it looks good, best modelled sa80 i have seen in a game. Have yet to play properly in multiplayer, but will have a go later.

    Points to note whoich i am sure you already know, Gaz. Am playing .5 and character animation needs improving, IMHO.
    and, um... after reloading, the right hand is shown being used to release the bolt....

    Pendantic **** mode off....

    Focking great mod tho!
  13. Wait til 0.6 is released soon, you'll notice a big difference although I can't remember if they've changed the cocking animation. The reason for it not changing in the past is due to the lack of animators and it being a low priority.