Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Sep 20, 2007.

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  3. Full of tax dodging students

  4. Full of cider drinking yokels who hate visitors

  1. Off there this weekend, never been before. Come on then, where's the best places to go and avoid? Bear in mind I'm over 40!
  2. Drove past it once.

    It smells.
  3. Go down to the waterfront, been redeveloped, it's not too bad :)
  4. I went to a night club there once. Felt quite overdressed in my thong and nipple tassles compared to some of the girls. :wink:
  5. All I can tell you is that if some wretch suggests the Queenshilling as a destination of choice, be sure you really want to be there!
  6. J.D.

    Nip over the 'old' Severn bridge into Chepstow will only take you 20mins from Bristol.

    After Chepstow, have a drive up the Wye Valley to Tintern. You will not be disappointed.
  7. I once went out in Bristol on a Mon night-it ended up with this girl asking me to fcuk her in the ass. :D

    Bristol is a top night out! :thumright:

    Beware of the cider drinking locals though-they don't take kindly to outsiders stealing 'their women'!
  8. They all speak funny.
    Especially the men, they may claim to be big rugby player types but they possess a very high pitched whiney Vicki Pollard-esque voice :-D
  9. Sod off! My in laws live up there!
  10. What we all want to know is whether Bristol women are as well-endowed as the Carry On films would have us believe?
  11. Let you know when I get back!
  12. Just keep on the M4, pay the £5.10 entry fee to Wales and go to Newport. Just as scummy, but slightly less chance of having your car nicked.
  13. Going Brizzle?

    Well yawl 'ave a gurt beamer on ee if summin aks inchew avin anudder forn and yer amt nebber got an ideal wassat.
  14. As has already been stated, the Queenshilling is a must for a night out.

    I spent far too much money in Wildcats recently, which was a bit of a shitter. I'd avoid it, far too easy to spend money.

    The Hatchett is a good old metal/rock pub if you're into that sort of stuff, and coincides nicely with the post-8 pint visit to the Queenshilling which is just across the road.

    Park Street and Whiteladies have a few alright places.
  15. Just avoid St Paul's unless you're fully qual'd on FIBAR and FISH.

    Actually, avoid Bristol as a whole. It's a fcuking sh1thole. If you look in the dictionary* under fcuking sh1thole, you'll find it says "Brizzle, ol' chugger ol' but".

    I'm not quite sure what that means, but it don't sound good.

    * Not the OED, obviously.