Bristol Soldier Speaks Out

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baldrick66, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Jamie Cooper speaks to Bristol Evening Post accusing the Gobment of throwing injured soldiers into the gutter

    (No sh*t Sherlock!)


    Want I find amazing are some of the comments from the local pointy heads about the situation!

    Feel free to comment, not only here but on the Papers Web site
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Bollox I sent a reply to some of the comments on there but it was blcoked due to inapropriate content, W@ankers!

    Does anyone know if Jamie Cooper is on here?
  3. Dear love young Cooper. It galls me to see how our brave injured folk are treated. I would love to see him on YouTube & sent out out as a viral email to get rid of Broon. I am a right of centre son of Tory Councillor and an uber Maggie Thatcherite. Very soon action will be have to be taken at grass roots level to raise the profile and the needs of our young heroes injured on the front line and their simply shocking treatment in CivDiv.

    I hope his case is resolved soon. His loyalty passion and integrity and humility is a lesson we can learn from. I hope that Jamie gets closure soon and is helped and looked after.

  4. Can anybody remind me of how much Arrse's favourite transvestite got for 'hurt feelings' when he was told to wear uniform instead of a dress? Quarter of a million iirc.
  5. We ain't bestest at puberlick speak in Brizzle tho...

    The local Bristol rag likes a good horror story from what I remember of it and, let's face facts - this lad's story will sell local papers to local people!?

    I'll no doubt get a slagging for this but hey... NO BRITISH SERVICE MAN should ever be made to feel like he, or she, has been thrown to the gutter by his Country or his bosses.

    Maybe his way was not the kind to get his case heard sympathetically but then, can you ever expect the papers to really tell it how it is?? (except the Guardian, perhaps - hmmmm!! :plotting: )

  6. Jamie Cooper's story is shocking. Not necessarily more or less so than Bdr Parkinson's say, though his youth and the long hard thrash of a life he now faces is a terrible story. £57 grand - rubbish!
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I dont have an issue with the 57K persee, its the no-benefits because he's got more than 16K in the bank that I have an issue with. The reality is that tory and labour politicians have together brought down any incentive to save or own your own home if you have cash. The whole sell your house to pay for your nursing home before you die is terrible.

    57K, given the MOD scale, seems fair, should it be "exempt from savings consideration when looking at benefits" no. Should any savings be exempt when looking at benefits? yes.
  8. also in The Telegraph
    ... then you get (from The Times "Council worker claims £1m over unfair dismissal "
  9. Should one not be sceptical that this 50+k is all he got? Won't the MoD provide some income for life?

    edit: I've just seen

  10. Sorry, not surprised.

    Angry, yes FCUKING ANGRY.

    Will it change? NO

    Its MOD and council regulations.

    Perhaps a quick thinking accident chaser could get the lad to complain that due to his injuries he is no longer able to change sex. or say he is homo etc and say his sex life has been ruined?
  11. The level of £16k is only relevant for means tested benefits - in Jamie's case he would not be able to get income support, council tax benefit or housing benefit, As he is incapable of work he should be entitled to Incapacity benefit which is based on the amount of national insurance stamps he has paid. If he hasn't paid enough stamps - which may be true due to his age - he would need to claim income based incapacity benefit and this would be refused if he has capital of more than £16K. The only other benefit I can think of off hand that he could claim is Disability Living Allowance. the max he could get on this benefit is high rate mobility of £46.75 and high rate care £67.00 giving a total of 103.75 per week. I assume he will have a war pension but that might not have come through yet. As for council tax and housing benefit because its means tested its harder to get, there is a trailing tarriff and if you have over £6000 in savings they deduct £2.50 off your council tax allowance for every £500 over the £6k you have in savings. the only disabled allowance you get in my council is if you live in a flat that has been adapted for a disabled person & it has to have the disabled toilet, wet room etc before you will be considered for this.

    In this area if you claim DLA and live on your own and receive the severe disability premium(SDP) you will get a council tax rebate - sorry I can't remember the criteria for claiming the SDP. Glasgow city council has recently announce that it will no longer treat the war pension as an income which means that it won't be counted towards your council tax, this means that instead of you being allowed to keep just £10 you get to keep the lot. As Erskine Hospital is in Renfrewshire Council's catchment area we are hoping they will follow suit.

    As angry as the situation makes me the rules are issued by Westminster not Jamie's local authority - Jamie needs to get in touch with citizens advice or his local welfare rights workers to get his benefits claimed.
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Great post mate. Good skills.
  13. Wompingwillow

    I just went to sponsor you for the Swansea Bay 10K (a favourite of mine when I lived down there), but then realised it was for 2007 !
    Do please let us know if you plan to repeat it on behalf of SSAFA again this year.

    Cheers, Sogf
  14. Apologies haven't updated it in a very long time!! No plans for the 10k this year, might be stepping up to the challenge of the Bath half next year so watch this space!