Bristol Remembrance Parade

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Praetorian, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. As a regular attender of the London Parade, this year I was invited down to the Bristol parade by one of my cider swilling bezzers who resides in that district. Superb parade, well done all involved.....


    Did any other attenders see the portly chap with an SAS Blazer and a Maroon beret with a SAS capbadge in? Mid 50's, balding, looked slightly out of sorts?

    If you were the smirking copper who refused to mind his carrier bags for him whilst he attended the service, that made me raise a chuckle too. Any other spots of this creature?
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  2. That's no way to talk about Andy McNab.
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  3. Dinger's put on wait then?
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  4. As a former member of 24 SAS I can confirm that is the correct dress code for this unit and the gentleman should be proud to have served.
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  5. Was he Shortt fat and ugly with a leprechaun in tow?
  6. I did see some fellow with a Maroon beret with a young one in tow. The young one (13 or 14 years old) was wearing deserts with a certain sandy coloured beret with pointy features.

    The older fella was struggling a bit (had walking sticks). Didn't get a good look at his rack but it looked like an African General Service Medal, GSM with 2 clasps, one other and possibly a bit of bling tacked on the end.
  7. Nah, not this chap. He was certainly too young to have been maroon machine wearing SAS, and the blazer and capbadge looked a bit tacky to be hoenst. No medals either, spent the parade sprawled over one of the barriers over by the wreath layers, with an orange Sainsburys carrier in tow.
  8. [​IMG]

    Knew I had a pic somewhere.

    Is this the bag?
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  9. That's it, but his had Tesco stuff inside. Fucking grocery walt.
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  10. The Kiwi group used to have the maroon beret with SAS Badge?
  11. We had a chap who wore a RM beret but with para wings. Was told it was totally legit and that he had been been one of the original Commandos from No. 2 Commando that were transferred to parachute duties early in WW2. I think these then went on to become 1 Para...after briefly wearing the SAS daggers.

    Op Colossus was mentioned and back at the Legion a lot of the old boys talked very highly of him. A bit of a local hero amoung those in the know. Wish I had gone and had a chat with him now.
  12. I saw him as I was waiting to pay my respects once the parade had cleared. Maroon beret with SAS cap badge, dark blue blazer with SAS blazer badge, orange plastic bags and a green camera bag. I've met a couple of Malayan Scouts and he was way too young. Looked overweight. If he'd have wandered into the White lion I'd have asked a couple of questions, but he disappeared quite quickly.

    I did ask a chap on parade wearing a maroon beret with a cloth shield badge and full DPMs what the badge was and it turns out Bristol UOTC sent a group to do 'P' Company and he was one of the sucessful ones. Not wearing wings, but fully entitled to maroon lid. I was sligtly disappointed at his stated intention to join the RM Cmdo though.

  13. Thats the one. It didn't look quite right, did it?
  14. There is a Belgian para unit that wears a maroon beret and wears the 'them' cap badge...
  15. In Bristol? outstanding.