Bristol pensioner fends off attacker with a brolly

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hawk7814, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. I was impressed by this half of the article:

    Six years with three in prison sounds about right for someone who doubtless has a couple of previous convictions for the same thing. However...

    That's unreal. Anybody with 196 convictions should be banged up for life.
  2. *sanctimonious tone* He's a victim too.................. :roll:

    hmmm just choked back a bit of my lunch there... *coff*
  3. It's outrageous that this violent pensioner, carrying an offensive weapon, is allowed to walk the streets.

    What do the Polis and Criminal Protection Society think they are doing? He should be arrested immediately.
  4. Good drills? He should have slotted the little shit. A six year sentence means he will be out in around 4 years and having learned nothing will no doubt offend again.
  5. The Yanks attitude is so much better , shoot the basterd and save the tax payers money
  6. "I've come in for my pension and my sidearm"
  7. [align=center][​IMG]
    "What would Harry Brown do?"[/align]