Bristol pensioner fends off attacker with a brolly

I was impressed by this half of the article:

An 86-year-old former marine used an umbrella to fend off a knife-wielding drug addict who was trying to steal his wife's bag, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Sid Hallett fought off Andrew Alford, 33, in the city's Brunswick Square on 11 July. Alford had jumped into the back seat of Mr and Mrs Hallett's car.

Eileen Hallett, 83, defied attempts to steal her bag and screamed for help. The judge awarded her £500 for bravery.

Alford, of no fixed address, was jailed for six years for attempted robbery.
Six years with three in prison sounds about right for someone who doubtless has a couple of previous convictions for the same thing. However...

He also admitted 25 other burglaries in the Bristol area and the court heard he had 196 previous convictions.
That's unreal. Anybody with 196 convictions should be banged up for life.
*sanctimonious tone* He's a victim too.................. :roll:

hmmm just choked back a bit of my lunch there... *coff*
It's outrageous that this violent pensioner, carrying an offensive weapon, is allowed to walk the streets.

What do the Polis and Criminal Protection Society think they are doing? He should be arrested immediately.

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