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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by pimpernel, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. My son, has missed to the OTC freshers fair at Frenche campus and is looking to join the Rifles, is it too late, and if so what do you suggest so when he comes to RCB they don't flick their eyes heaven wards. As an ex I do appreciate it was not clever, but what are his options?
  2. I did much the same two years ago . He maybe able to get on the selction weekend by ringing them and finding the date at a guess i would say it will be next weekend . Better than that if he wants to join the Rifles he should come and look at A coy 6 Rifles (ta) which are based at HMS flying fox , winterstoke rd . Thats what i did and it is much better experence .
  3. Thanks Harding appreciate it, he went to Whiteladies this afternoon and belted doors and called but no joy, hey ho he has them on speed dial, bit of a shame he has Pt 1 of RCB under his belt and a gliding scholarship but may join you at the TA if all else fails thats if he isn't going to be wisked off to the sand pits before he graduates!
  4. As a student he will not be deployed, so he can get training with the TA and continue to carry out his studies.
  5. Dr Chris, that is encouraging thanks so much for the feedback.
  6. Hi Pimp,
    When I went to university back in '92 I was absolutely set on joining the OTC. I knew where the OTC was and when to be there and who to speak to and what to say and how to dress and all that jazz. Anyway, my first few weeks at uni were blinding and I decided not to bother joining the OTC that year. I just concentrated on being a student, grew my hair long (ish), found a girlfriend or two and had a laugh. At the start of my second year of university I had a short back and sides, rocked up to the Leeds OTC selection weekend and that was that. No one batted an eyelid about me being in the 2nd year. In fact, that extra year of growing up was a bonus. Once I finished uni I passed RCB (now AOSB), went to Sandhurst, was issued a pair of shiny new pips and the rest is history.

    Don't fret about it. Nobody gave a flying fcuk about me not doing a year of OTC.

  7. One option open to him is to join the local Rifles Bttn for a year then transfer to the OTC in the 2nd Yr.

    Most OTCs have a long induction process, which is why they only have 1 intake a year as it takes a few weeks to sort out pay, uniform, etc after attestation and then they loose a proportion of students in the first year. That first year is almost 80% MTQ1 anyway, so he won't miss anything in terms of military training. What he will miss out on is the social side as a member of the Officer's Mess and the fact that the OTC is viewed as a huge PR exercise for the army and because of that you get the kind of attachment/visit/jolly opportunities that will never be open to you again!
  8. I'm at Bristol Uni, The OTC covers both Bristol Universities as well as both Bath Universities ( well if you can call them that). Anyway as you can guess because of this places are limited and get filled up very quickly with few drop outs. Recruitment is once a year, however obviously not all Freshers make it to their second year and a waiting list is in operation ( of course you son could get all this information from the Uni site). Lots of thoughs who aren't successful ether go and join the TA or become adult helpers with the Army cadets, who will if contacted on parade nights will usually welcome you with open arms.



    Edited to say: I've been invovled with the sea cadets in the area for a number of years and we have had many 'rejects' from the URNU and many have gone on to join in the second year, some haven't bothered, some were rejected for al three years, however only one went on to fail their board as by joining the SCC or the RNR they were showing commitment to development.
  9. It would be more accurate to say any call out notice (compulsory mobilisation) can be rejected on the grounds of the individual still being in full time education. Being a student in itself does not preclude you from call out notices. Of course, he or she might choose to do an operational tour as a sort of gap year, there are no rules against this.

    The TA/OTC route is called TASO (TA Sponsored Officer), which would mean you join and are paid for by the TA unit, but your officer training is mainly with the local UOTC (participation with the TA unit prior to commissioning varies).
  10. That's one way, but takes some time. One thig I forgot to mention is that if he's on a 4 year course he can always join in the 2nd year with no detriment as you would usually sign on for 3 years and then apply to do an extra year if on a 4 year course. If he's on a 4 year course he does his 3 years and gets the full benefit of training just before graduation.

    Not being in the OTC isn't a show stopper at AOSB, but obviously it is a significant help in terms of development.
  11. Thanks all, he has joined and is loving OTC life ,Sennybridge at -6 made his weekend, now on for RCB so moving in the right direction. Sorry to all of you for not replying earlier but was caught up in the NAAFI !