Bristol Half Marathon

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fablonbiffchit, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Right masturbators. I am taking my lethargically toned body around Bristol by means of attempting to place one foot in front of another in a very fluid and fast like motion (something akin to rapid plodding) on its Half Marathon on Sunday 5 September all in aid of Hols4Heroes. Contrary to popular belief I SHANT be sporting pink lingerie (thankyou bigbird67) due to chaffing (very uncomfortable). I will however be nude except for strategically placed attire in the form of nipple tassles.

    I have set up an adulation/fan/slaggingmeoff/club on Facebook

    Please cough up phlegm or money (preferably the latter) it all goes to this very worthwhile charitything.

    Muchos nachos gracias

    SteveFablonbiffchitCramm type runner expert?
  2. bump

    he's SO wearing the bikini and wings!!
  3. Come on everyone! Normally you all jump in feet first and show your generous side. Just because a humourless fat ex AAC lovemusclegodtype person is scrounging for some of you generpus peeps to spare a bit more money towards Hols for Heroes no need to get offended. If £300 is raised I go in pink lycra shorts pink bra and carrying one of the bears. A few of people have already pledged directly to Hols 4 Heroes and I thank you all. Pics will be posted.