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Bristol/Avonmouth explosion.


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AAIB initial report, wrong stuff in the wrong tank.
This tank, was it big and green? For the journalists, you know...

Edit. Having just watched a news update, yes it was. My tank recognition skills tell me it was definitely a big, green tank.
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Looks to be a bit of a shitstorm.

They won’t be able to flush this one away.

Someones career is going down the pan.


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I hope the casualties are not as severe as some parts of the media are speculating. This is a reminder that the infrastructure for something like water and waste treatment is not only critical but involves hazards and safety issues.


There isn’t much on the local news yet, I suppose the main stories will be at 18:00 and 18:30.

The only details of casualties I’ve heard is that some were working on the top of the tank when it exploded.


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Appears to be a digester, used to process organic waste. As the waste breaks down it generates methane gas, which is, of course, explosive.

Does anyone know of a quiet explosion?

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