Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Ravers, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've just been given a nice piece of beef brisket which came from one of our cows.

    I've looked online for recipes and there seems to be some utterly mental ones involving 15 hours of barbecuing.

    I can't be arsed with any of that shit, I'm thinking of coating it in a shop bought American style BBQ sauce, marinating overnight, then a slow all day roast in the Aga.


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  2. Sounds grand wheres me invite?
  3. I'll bring the red wine.....
  4. Yup, brisket is beautiful, best flavoured joint you can get. Brown it with onions and carrots. Put in a slow cooker 6-8 hours in gravy or in a low oven again for a good few hours.
    If its in a slow cooker I'd quarter a cabbage up and put that on top for the last hour. Great with mash or Yorkshire puddings.
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  5. You coming too Jarrod?
  6. No, we have brisket here.
  7. Sounds good Ravers.
    Brisket as has been said is an excellent cut for slow roasting.
  8. I quite like chucking in a good few Bay Leaves (broken into a couple of bits) just to kill off the sweetness of the carrots and onions a tad....
  9. I'm going to go and get some now - its obviously world brisket day and I missed it....
  10. Do not forget the garlic,mushrooms,thyme, rosemary, whole grain mustard plus 500ml of Black Beer. Maybe serve with egg noodles or polenta. One last thing: Remember to carve against the grain of the meat - helps it fall apart!!
  11. No, mash for me I'm afraid.... Everything else sounds good though
  12. Hush ethnic.
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  13. Why would anyone want that foreign shite with brisket?
    Roast veg and mash is what you eat with meat. Not funny boiled flour or ground shit.
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  14. Indeed, what a horrible thing to do to a well flavoured piece of meat. A few herbs may be alright though.
  15. Wrap it in tin foil and cook it very slowly. Be careful undoing the tin foil because you will absolutly need the juices for the gravy.
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