Brish Birds versus Easter Europeand/Other Minorities

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by devonman, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. What do we think of immigrant/British women in ethnic minorities? compared to our own. Not to generalise, I 've had some lovely girlfriends, but.... some right chavs that you couldn't possibly introduce to your Mum ! Last one I remember as havinga bottle in her chops, slurring her words, and dressed for a route march, wonderful.... :roll:

    Some "ladies" I've had , have had no respect for us, hanging round bars half cut all the time, chatting up blokes, and potty mouthed beyond belief. You can bet your life they f'cked about online and on the phone. Personally, I'll not go back to that, but I wonder: are other cultures different, or are frigging females all the same?

    This is not to insult ALL the girls, these are my own experiences. So, no offence meant.

    What do ya reckon ?
  2. Brit chics all think they are worth a million, but I've heard that you can get an eastern euro bird for £400 if you know the wrong people....
  3. This has been discussed several times here on Arrse. The conclusion normally comes down to the following:

    British girls, with some noble exceptions, tend to be fat, ugly mingers who put out to anyone who will buy them a bacardi breezer (e.g. Dale).

    Eastern European women tend to be pretty, slim with good norks, grateful, partial to anal sex and low maintenance. Obviously there are one or two exceptions out there. They also tend to be more faithful.

    I have lived out in CEE since 2001 and have recently got engaged to my Hungarian wench because she is pretty and earns more money than I do.
  4. One thing I have found,

    many English woman that rate a 4 on the good looking scale, think they are a 9... Why is this?

    Or am I only talking about the chip shop council estate rubbish? :p

  5. obviously not met welsh women then,best of the bunch. :wink:
  6. Looks don't mean a thing to me, If they had a pulse I'd shag them, and if they didn't have a pulse...I'd still shag them
  7. I got fed up being mucked around by British women. I hated the attitude that my role in the relationship was to pamper them, humour them, predict their moods, anticipate their needs and generally spend my every waking moment devoted to their contentment; while their role was to let me.

    I'd given up entirely on women for more than just sex until I met the Jade Dream and found a women who, right in her very bones, assumed that a relationship was between two equals, complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses. I cannot begin to tell you how great the difference is.

    I'd certainly never go back to dating some spoiled, chocolate guzzling lard-arrse who strops off if I want a bit of me-time to go for a run, yet throws a track if I question why she wants to spend all her spare nights p*ssed up with her mates.

    My advice: go east, young man. You'll get smart, sexy devoted women who're prepared to actually work (shock, horror, nobody told me I'd have to do that!) at a relationship and accept that there'll be rough as well as smooth.
  8. I work at Stansted airport and almost all the British girls are constantly on about how many blokes they've had and what they did etc etc. Most of the "continentals" rarely speak of things like that and get a glow about them when they talk about their other halves. Seems to me, "continentals" is the way to go.

    Also helps that the one I have my eye on works in the donut shop, so free donuts and drinks :D
  9. Oh yes, East is where its at, also they dont have (and never develop) a beer gut to rival your own.
  10. I wonder if they see chavvy looking bints like Kerry Katona, Jordan, Kate Moss etc etc getting treated like uberstars and start to think of them as a gold-standard for good looks?
  11. Ok no-one else will say it so i will, what makes British men think they are the dogs doodahs, most are thoughtless, ill mannered, beer swilling, egotistical gits who think they are doing women a favour by even looking in their general direction, but then i could be generalising, so by all means go east. Im sure most women wouldnt mind if you take your burping, farting and smelly feet to a whole different culture... :D

    ah sits back feet on desk, arms folded and waits for it all to kick off
  12. Scotlass, you are so right, where do we get off running down such stunning examples of womanhood as the British female? We are not worthy of you and that is why we run off to Eastern Europe to find other women and to teach ourselves a lesson in how to conduct ourselves. I'm sure we can learn a lot from having a nubile, curvy young blond hanging off our arms and may it hurt us so much having to do so.
  13. Have you ever walked around Cardiff or Bridgend or Swansea on a Saturday night (sober). The women are seriously scarey! I mean, most of them are wearing boob tubes, mini skirts, or hot-pants - (nothing wrong with that, I hear you cry!) with a BMI of about 40! There are more acres of exposed flab than you can shake a stick at! :donut: :donut: :donut:

    And, as has been mentioned, they all act like they are Julia bloody Roberts or something. I'm not surprised sheepshaging is the local custom.
  14. Same - Same - In the Bigg Market and down the Quayside in Newcastle Upon Tyne - lol
  15. Try the Westgate run at the weekend, fat slagggs are us.

    Jockbint, sounds like it all went Pete Tong for you, no need to tar everyone of us with the same brush......

    If ever you lot are in Praha, go to Goldfingers.....