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Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Tom Highway, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Anybody able to point to the real identity of a possible Walt based in Brisbane Queensland. Sporting a suitably double barrelled surname, he claims variously to have been educated at Rugby and Harrow, before Trinity College Oxford. Things get a little hazy then, as according to one tale he served with the RLC attached to the Blues and Royals in Kosovo, while according to another he was an Army Legal Service officer advising the Blues and Royals in Kosovo. He then claims to have transferred to the Blues and Royals where he served until leaving the Army and starting a new life in Australia.

    Harrow, Rugby, Trinity College and the Blues and Royals have no record of him. He sports a GSM and a NATO Kosovo medal. Bits of the story add up, so did he serve in the RLC maybe, or is he just pure Walt? Surname Terry-Sissons...
  2. Hey, thanks for that. The problem is that this fella is a Pom. Fortunately his human right to pretend to be a military officer, and wear medals is protected by UK data protection legislation. The guy has almost no electronic footprint, Facebook, linked in etc all blank...
  3. In years gone by this was the classic Walt. Fake supposedly impressive name, a good public school or two, and slap on Oxford or Cambridge (usually Oxford). Buy the tie, read a book or two and you could carry it off.

    These days the internet catches them out so easily.

    RLC isn't exactly Walty territory, Im not sure if the Legal Corps is either.
  4. ANZMI is based/hosted in the US, plus it seems to have a lot of traction regardless of nationality. The low-footprint thing sounds slightly odd in itself. Any pics of him?
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer


    'What were your years at Trinity/Harrow/Rugby?'

    Then if you gete (say) '19xx -19yy'


    'That's interesting, I had a cousin up at that time, Roger Smallbone - you mustr have known him?'

    And with luck you wil get, foir this totally fictitious name, something like

    'Ay, yes, good old Roger, good bloke, knew him quite well.'

    Job jobbed.
  6. Curious as to why you would think that. Some people are just too busy having a life ;-)

    Was Tom saying he has FB and Linkedin but not filled in or doesn't have them ?

    Was the original concern that the 'Walt' was pretending to have lived in Brisbane ? Why would anyone do that ? I grew up in brissie and i've spent my life hiding that fact !!

    On a slightly more serious note, does any of the walting actually do anyone any harm ? Is it being used to gain money or a job under false pretences ? If not, why the bother ?

    OP ought to get a life. There's plenty of blaggarding Aussies. Ought to get his own lot in order before worrying about imports. What, what, tally hoe bally colonials etc, etc

  7. I know loads of people who do not have an internet footprint....

    Hang on, have I just inadvertently exposed my self as a stalker?
  8. According to the London Gazette, no-one of that surname, though that means very little as some people acquire their double-barrels on marriage. There are loads of Terrys, and one Sissons, though that one person is a woman ACF officer.
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  9. i'd hazard a guess that you might be admitting to something not entirely legal wiht that statement......of course if you work in human resources or similar and are required ot carry out such investigations then maybe not so much .....
  10. Or if you actually know someone, preferably with a ridiculous name, who was were the Walt claimed to be, at the same time. There denial of knowing him is a bit funny, especially effective with the 24/49 types
  11. Yes, a bit like when a doris asks if you know Dave cos he's in the Army / Navy / RAF too? Oh, Dave? Top bloke......fancy a shag?
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