Brisbane: Teenager died to save younger brother

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. With two boys aged 11 & 8, this story touched me emotionally more than anything for months.

    Brisbane: Teenager died to save younger brother - Story - World - 3 News

    Hero Jordan, 13, sacrifices own life to save brother in Australia floods -

  2. Did you not watch Corrie when that tram crashed or something? I hear that was quite emotional.
  3. OK, fair's do

    Mods, if it's gonna take this line The Naafi Bar perhaps?
  4. No, the dicks just need to learn to read which door they've gone through.
  5. Impressive bloke.

    Wonder how many of us adults could have done that?

    Also wonder how his younger brother is going to feel later.
  6. Although the Mirror story is a bit wolley, he in fact got washed away, with his mother, whilst they were inside the family car.
    Ergo - The inability to Swim was academic - External Link

  7. It was a flooding "when a wall of water pummelled Toowoomba", Johnny bloody Weismuller probably would have come to greif.
    Selfless action by the lad, not really a valid target for Piss takes, however you try to justify it.

  8. Also, being able to swim didn't help those two lasses swept to their deaths in Stainforth Beck! Water is a very powerful force in even a few feet - let alone a torrent like what is hitting Brisbane and surrounding areas at the moment!
  9. Is it any wander why some think that squaddies are quite happy eating babies! We do have some sick twats on here at times {where the cap fits})
    FWIW on reading the article in the Metro this morning I feel the same way as the original poster. Swimmer or not, I doubt whether it would have made any difference to the outcome.

    The three were forced to climb on to the roof of the car. One would-be rescuer was knocked over by the water but the truck driver managed to reach the car. When he got to Jordan, the boy told him: ‘Save my brother first.’

    The rescuer saved Blake with a rope but it snapped when he tried to tie it round Jordan. He and his mother clung to a tree for a short while before they were swept away
    Read more: Teenage boy killed in floods after pleading for brother to be saved first |
  10. Kids in Brisbane that can't swim........very rare indeed.

    Bloody shame, heart rending for the family.
  11. Prince Albert may not be affected by this but some of us have family in that area and I saw an emotional plea from my grandson to his friends on facebook for help for his cousin who has lost everything. [They were the ones on tv where the little girl was airlifted off the roof.]
    The cleaning problem in '74 was bad enough, especially the stinking mud and detritus but as alluded to in the media this will be a far larger undertaking.
  12. In my spare time, I'm a 'swiftwater rescue technician' for a well known charity. Luckily never had to deal with anything on this scale, but I do have some experience. Not sure what relevance his ability to swim has, as the chances of surviving in fast moving hazardous floodwater aren't good if you're an Olympic champ.
  13. Some people cannot distinguish between love and hate and so think that if everyone hates them that it is as good as being loved.

    Anything but being ignored.

    The reality, of course, is that there's a million heartbreaking things happening right now in the world. Including 300 drowning in Brazil getting little coverage. If you took them all to heart then you'd go mad. But take non of them to heart and you become a souless dick and no longer part of the human race. People who are unable to love are people so hurt in the past they are more afraid of being hurt again than to care again. Now tell me about your childhood ;-)

    I suppose we feel more empathetic where the tragedies occur somewhere and to some people we can readily understand and put ourselves in the place of. For most of us that is white, Anglo Saxon, English speaking people.

    I see Prince Alberts' point of view but if i shared it i would simply move along without posting and trying to (and succeeding) to piss people off.

    Like I said, ignore and don't rise to the bait. Let him have his fun.

  14. Sure, any good swimmer would probably have just struck me as unusual that a Brisbane kid couldn't swim, which really is very rare.

    My wife's from Oz, most of her family are three hours north of Bris, but one sister lives in the Bris suburbs. Pretty bloody miserable situation.
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    No crayoning and no bloody bickering either.