Bringing woman back to the block

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Nightrained, May 20, 2008.

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  1. I don't know if it's just my unit, but for some reason there is a 24 hour sign in rule, but why? What if I pick up someone down town or on a Friday or Saturday and want to take her back to smash her?

    Also, it's people with long-term girlfriends still have to get them signed in 24 hours before.

    It's always the Gurkha's on guard at night as well so there is no way of working around it.
  2. To protect you and the other lads from allegations of rape by under-age drunken girls, perchance?
  3. Which will hopefully come as a disappointment to any 24 hour or less female acquaintance, who is hoping to gain access to your camp for nefarious purposes ranging from drugs to Al Qa'eda?
  4. So it's skip jumping or back to hers for the foreseeable future I'm afraid!
  5. It provides an instant list of local 'go-ers' for those following in your footsteps! Saves valuable drinking time
  6. Well, why is that civvie contractors can come in and out as they please unescourted?

    One of the lads caught a civvie who worked on the block maintenance, going throught he guys rooms looking at his phones, CD's and through his laptop. Was cought on motion cencor of the laptop. Yet, they still employ such people. When you bring a chick back, your always with them, and as long as they are not left unattended it shouldn't be a problem.
  7. And of course
    To protect you and the other lads from rape by overweight drunken girls.
  8. She didn't live in Shinfield by any chance???
  9. That's the spirit!
  10. Did said civvie leave the premises with a slight cut after having one of his hands place into a locker and then closed?
  11. Bollocks.

    Civvies (on our camp) have to book in and out using a card and a pin number.
  12. Or they get snailed.......
  13. Yes, but they are left to do what there doing on camp. So there more of a risk to the camps security than a drunken slut that wants my dick. :wink:

    What's wrong with signing her details in, based along her driving license/passport?

    24 hours notice isn't going to make a differance.
  14. Interestingly there is no 24 hour advance book-in for civilians attending the swimming classes at a West Country Signals Barracks...
  15. Thats what happened with civvies in NI, as long as it wasn't too late and they had ID, they were signed in and booted out by 0400hrs.