bringing the car?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by corkster25, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. hey am new to this, so hello first off

    my question is about the car. I'm from N.ireland and i'm heading to pirbright in jan, so was wondering can you bring the car with or would it be preferred if i left it behind? I got into the reme so will be heading to bordon after incase that makes any difference. Thanks for any help.

    P.s as for the paddy jokes please sure they good cause I know they heading my way :biggrin:.
  2. You weren't allowed to arrive in a car when I did basic. It'll be on your joining instructions either way anyway. You can have it in Phase Two, so long as you're licensed and your docs are up to date of course.
  3. Doesnt really matter if i have to leave it behind because i got myself a runbout just incase. Was just wondering the other night so thought i'd ask. Thanks for that anyway.
  4. If you are going REME its not a problem, they encourage their new joins to be proactive when it comes to vehicles etc, as its what you are going to be doing anyway, unless of course you fail all your courses and end up as an armourer.

    When you eventually arrive at Pirbright, ask for the specific REME parking area, I think it is adjacent to the Sgts Mess.

    If you are not going REME do not bother, as you are not allowed, although I am told potential RLC cooks are allowed to bring their own kitchen knives, as long as they are good quality!
  5. **** me, a plastic knife from motorway services are better quality than the shite the Army used to hand out.
  6. For ACF, you're quite funny.

    ("Not" intentionally missed out).

  7. Well funny you should mention that because I'm going in as an armourer........... so buses any good over there???