Bringing my run time down

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by frickers82, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Completed my first ever 2.4KM run at the weekend on RSW in a shocking time of 14mins 30secs. Been told I need to get this down to under 13 minutes by the next weekend I go on, 07/03/08.

    Advice dispensed has been "running every other day will do it" but does anyone know of a more organised way to go about it?

  2. Frankly Frickers you don't have a prayer unless you put some serious mental attitude on it. Please tell me you're female to at least have a chance of hitting the appropriate target and then I suggest you get out and hit the paths and tracks.

    No more than three times a week or you'll break something and delay your selection. Concentrate on running 5Km a time, this will help build stamina and should not take longer than half an hour. Make sure there are some hills in your route which help increase your anaerobic levels and/or vary your pace.

    Swimming will help you sort out your breathing, but Front Crawl only, no girlie strokes. Stop at least 4 days before your next test run to allow recovery time.

    Best of all recognise that the hole you put food in is bigger than the one waste comes out of! Cut out fatty foods, alchahol and smoking and if you want it, you might just make it.

    My better half is 40 this year and cracks a 10 min Dorris 2.4km so no excuses. She has a great arse too!
  3. Yes I am female and been told that 13 minutes is what will be required on my first TA weekend. I have stopped smoking, I didn't really eat badly or drink excessively, just haven't really done a lot of running in about 5 years!

    My sit ups/press ups were above what they needed to be.
  4. Just keep running. time each run and aim to know 10 seconds off the previous.
  5. I got my 2.4k time down from 13:37 to 12:21 in about 9 training days spread over a fortnight.

    I have set points on my route, and aim to get to them at a certain time into the run, i.e. the pub in 6 minutes and the corner in 9 minutes etc.
  6. One of the best ways to get run times down is to do interval training, this means that you shopuld end up training on your threshold and thus gains come more quickly.
    Start off with a decent warm up and then do 45 seconds of quick running and then an equal period of recovery (better to have this as a jog than a complete rest) and continue this for say 12 mins, you will soon notice your run time picks up.

    hope this helps,
  7. I was going to suggest exactly this.

    Sprint all out for less then 45s though, maybe 30, because a 45s sprint is very very hard (but I'm thinking of the true sense of the word where you feel like dying the first few times you do them).

    I would also suggest if you really want to punish yourself. Find a hill and try and find one thats say 200m, and sprint up that sucker and walk/jog if you can back down and do it again. Do that 7 times.

    Make sure you do some normal flat runs that are like 2-3 miles in length to get used to the distance, breathing (swimming like someone suggested would be good) and speed.
  8. Yeah fair point but I was thinking more along the lines of a fast jog than a sprint, but either way will work well.
    Also as already mentioned swimming is good, not just to sort out your breathing but also to provide training which doesn't involve weight bearing and so gives your joints a bit of a rest.

  9. sitting down<walking<jogging<running<sprinting.

    All out until you feel like your about to fall over is the way to go. A fast jogs the recovery! :twisted:

    But if it involved a hill of a decent gradient, yeah a fast jog is all you'd be able to pull after a few sets.

    I've always found swimming more benefical for lung capacity and efficiency. It doesn't really provide 'me' with much else baring shoulder endurance.

    I've been a swimmer for my county in the distance past though
  10. With a run time of 14:30 I personally don't think it is particularly advisable to have recovery as a fast jog and the work section as a sprint. Purely as it is unlikely that someone with a run time like that will be able to keep this up for long enough to develop the benefits. As you improve by all means work up to sprints/fast jog but to begin with I wouldn't recomend it.

  11. Sorry, I got carried away beyond the original context of the thread

    You sir are correct
  12. no dramas, other than the fact that it should be ma'am!!!!! :lol: well one day hopefully, just a lowly sapper at the moment!!!
  13. I did think that when i wrote it

    But the fact is women don't take that much offense from being called a guy by a stranger, if the other way around, WHOLE different kettle of fish
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