Bringing booze on a plane...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Cheat, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. I'm jetting off to see my Big sis tomorow and I was just wandering if I would be allowed to bring some (ie many) Beers with me on the plane? I'm going stateside, but with Virgin, and quite frankly, I think beer would make it more fun!

    Can any one help??

    T C
  2. Okays, THE CHEAT, i will try to answer your question, but as with everything there is no one definitive answer.

    Right, by normal convention you are allowed to bring a "reasonable" quantity (ie no more than 12 cans beer or 2 bottles wine/ spirits) on to the Aircfraft , IE you can bring with you a "duty free" allowance for the country you are traveling in to.

    Now here is the important bit, you are not allowed to consume it in flight! This is so they (Cabin Crew) can keep a tab on who is drinking and make sure you dont get a rowdy drunk passenger upsetting the passengers or interfereing some way with the flight. It is an offence to be drunk and silly on an aircraft, and remember you will get drunk much quicker as the relative cabin altitude is 8000 ft above sea level on most commercial aircraft when in the cruise.

    Here is a good bit, you are going international flight with a decent carrier, the beer is free, you can have as much as you like as long as the crew serving you do not consider you drunk or rowdy or under 18 (by UK Civil aviation law).

    Another thing, getting very drunk and then arriving in to the USA is a very bad idea, they are likely to put you in to a cell at best, or at worst deport you on the return flight which is not cool! Immigration in to the US is very silly these days, any excuse will do for them to bang you up in the slammer or just refuse you entry which can be a "deported" stamp in your passport, which makes traveling any where very hard. So dont be drunk, have a beer or 2 on the flight, kip or watch the movie; and then when you get to the USA go out on the lash and drink what you like. Its my advice, up to you mate, hope you have a good flight.
  3. You might well find that you'll get a couple of freebies on there. I certainly did on BA when I went to Boston in Feb. If you can't hack it without a beer for a few hours, I suggest you check in to AA.
  4. American Airlines? :)
  5. Agreed. You may hell-bent on behaving like a tw@t, but there's really no need and it'll do you no favours. The VS aircraft have more toys for the passengers than you will know what to do with 50+ films available on demand, video games etc.- not to mention some rather attractive hosties do unless you have ADHD, boredom shouldn't be a problem.

    And yes, Spam Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers make traffic wardens seem like the most charming and humane people on planet Earth. Don't even think of fcuking them about.