Bringing Afghans Home For Training Purposes

The Danish Army Command wants to bring Afghani soldiers to Denmark, so that Danish soldiers mobilising for operations don't get a 'culture shock' when they arrive in Afghanistan.

This has been announced after complaints by soldiers of Afghani soldiers masturbating and taking drugs on stag, and openly having sex with teenage boys.

Danish version: Forsvaret ønsker afghansk hær til Danmark -

Google translate's English version: Google Translate

I could save them a fortune on flights as I'm quite happy to smoke hash and masturbate on stag and I'm already here! I may need some help with the sex with teenage boys bit though..........any volunteers?


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Well we did have some learning to fly at Boscomb Down, but here in Cardiff about half the taxi drivers are from Kabul, the other half are from Iraq, so you only need a few late nights out to avoid "culture shock"
We've been bringing them home for ages - since about 1980 when the Russians invaded and the first lot of Afghan asylum seekers migrated here to join the faithful brigade of local taxi drivers. If Danish soldiers need to avoid culture shock, should get a cab in downtown Reading, or Birmingham. However, my young lad will not be getting a taxi from Reading on his own any time soon!

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