Bringing a car back from EU to UK (registration and insurance)

Advice please?

I have two UK spec cars previously registered in the UK but were exported to an EU country for 2 years.

Now trying to bring back to the UK and have been told that I must have insurance BEFORE I can register the car, but I can't get normal insurance without the VRN. I have to have specific (and f***ing expensive) insurance based on the VIN!

For example:

'Normal quote' via Moneysupermarket quote = £311 (insured by VRN)
'VIN quote' via Royal Sun Alliance = £756!!

Can anyone help with answering these questions:

  • How long from getting to the DVLA office does it take for them to provide a VRN number? Is it a same day service or does it take longer?
  • Can anyone recommend an insurer who will insure my cars based on the VIN without charging an arm and a leg?

Grateful for any advice from anyone who has done something similar?




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Adrian Flux insured my truck before it was registered. The DVLA issued me a number plate straight away at the local office. I did have an MOT by the way on the vehicles chassis number.
You do need an appointment to drive to an MOT test station and it doesn't have to be the first one in the country that you come to.
Your insurer is having a laugh. there should be no extra charge for using the VIN, I have been through this process twice in the pas two years with a total of 5 cars imported from Belgium.

I used both Direct Line (first time) and am now with the National Farmers Union, who were slightly more expensive but I feel the overall package is better. Neither charged for using the VIN. (Also they are a true mutual, not just a financial services industry offshoot).

If you have got all of the paperwork in order, the DVLA website gives details as to what is needed and will send out an "Importation" pack with all the relevant paperwork. it is not as difficult as you would think.

The DVLA office should be able to provide you with the VRN when you register, if you have a copy of the old Reg Doc or the remains of the original pink export reg doc if you exported from new it should make it easier as they can look the cars up on their database.

I registered through the DVLA office in Theale(Reading) last November and they seemed to know what they were dealing with.

Hope it all goes well.

Thanks for the response, most helpful.

BIPOLAR77 - not my car is not a BFG car. I wish it was though as the process is much easier via BFG!

Jarod248 - thanks for the recommendation I will try them.

06FA56Paderborn - thanks very much for the detailed response, very helpful. I will also try Direct Line.

Once again ARRSE proves its worth...

For anyone else who is reading this, I will post the results of my experience later as reference.
I'm sure you will need vat414 when the cars hit the UK C&I should be able to help, drive the car on its current country's plates to Maidstone, MOT, tax and register the car there.

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