Bring the little tough guy back, the taleban would hate it


From The TimesFebruary 12, 2008

Bring the little tough guy back

The Taleban would hate it if the old governor of Helmand returned to his post in AfghanistanAnthony Loyd
Sher Mohammed Akhunzada, senator, warlord and former governor of Helmand, is a cheerful little chap with very small hands, eyes that are three-quarters kind and a wide smile. He is also a man regarded by Britain as so divisive to security in the southern province that Gordon Brown reputedly attempted to extract a promise from President Karzai of Afghanistan never to reinstate him. Something about this combination suggests that life as his prisoner may involve howling and pain, and that not all he says is true.

Nevertheless, over tea and sweets one recent afternoon at his house in Kabul the alleged drug lord and despot was utterly charming.

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mac1 said:
thought this thread was about getting the Japanese to join in...
I thought it was about the midget off Different Strokes. "What you talkin' 'bout Willis?!".

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