Bring back the VE

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone else feeling the loss of the VE at their units? I believe it is now a VM class 1 job to go chasing electrical faults on vehicles. What do you guys think? Should techs be employed in a VE role (many already are). On this, any VE will tell you that the VE role and Tech Elec role are worlds apart. Perhaps if enough people voice their opinion, somebody somewhere might take note...? :?
  2. No, Techs should not be employed as VE's, they have enough to do at 1st line units.

    VE's were very useful, but i dont see why VM's cannot knuckle down and learn vehicle electrics?? its not rocket science is it?

    Or can todays younger generation of VM's not manage it because overall the standards have been lowered to allow for the recruiting problem? i personally don't think the problem purely lies with getting rid of the VE's, there are deeper issues.......
  3. We have one Ve left at our place, and when hes gone theres no rone to replace him, the new lads are now taught more electrics but is it realy enough?

    With recuiting issues as bad as they are, if they dont have the trade to recuit for ,then then the manning levels go down and its less people to recuit, so the recuiting numbers look better.
  4. If VEs were brought back, could you tolerate the whinging about being overlooked for rank?

    I'm prepared to live without them for a lifetime of peace and quiet.
  5. Bring back Arborfield it had 3 useful functions

    Training young men to become good tradesmen ( VE was what i was taught in the 60's)

    Forming young men into useful citizens and getting them off the street

    Due to the level of training became useful to the country after service in all roles of life.
  6. Arborfield's gone? Where am I supposed to go to work on Monday?
  7. ves should be brought back in my opinion im a vma class 1 but lucky that im also a fully qualified sparky from a shipyard and it is unbelievable the things that ive been called on to do as there is a massive skills shortage or fade in this area with the new feps gennys and the mashys the army is being charged a fortune to inspect these bits of kit every two years as it states in the iee regs or not inspected as the case may be (hsaw take note) hehe
  8. I was under the impression that VM's recieved TECH pay for their absolutly amazing electrical abilities, amongst other things?
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Odd also that the very first REME TA to be mobilised for TELIC 1 were - VEs. Even ones just out of training were called up from out lot, one with just seven days' notice, yet all other Trades were left for TELIC 2. Of course, by then we'd run out of VEs!
  10. Been living in a cave have we?

    Paycut 2000 passed you over?
  11. I dont see why VM's can`t learn a bit about electrics.

    Armr's are expected to be multi-skilled in many of things. One of them being basic electrics for use on chaingun etc.
  12. basic electrics yes vms have always been taught this but not another full compentecy. the class 1 vm course consists of 4 months of electrics, out of nearly a year of training just to try and bring you up to scratch on the every day bits of kit ( how long is the armourers course?)
  13. I'm in 2 minds about VEs.
    I've worked with some good ones - Jonny G (the Portuguese man of sleaze) was one of the good 'uns. He worked wonders on TELIC 7 and we'd have been stuck without him. [2 Bn sent their VE back so they had an LEC to cover all 2nd line leccy work)

    I do think a lot of what he did (not all of it!) could have been carried out by VMs who were willing to step out of their comfort zone and learn a bit.

    I suppose what we need is VMs who are less 'unionised' and a few well placed VEs to do the more difficult tasks - rewiring Snatches and rebuilding alternators f'rinstance...
  14. As a former VM who has not practised the trade for a few years , from what I see of the electrics on modern vehicles it needs more VEs not less.If the manpower shortage in the forces is indicative of the number of VMs available to work on the highly complicated vehicles in service now . I would be very surprised if they had the time to take on any more work let alone learn new skills.
  15. surely if A mechs are up to speed with all the electrics on a chally below the turret ring, then the majority of other vehicles should be a doddle?