Bring back the PG Tips Monkeys!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Can't remember if their tea was any good but I miss their adverts.

    Not PC these days I suppose...

    Stuff it - bring them back I say, Classic sketches they were :D
  2. Chimpanzees are in short supply, that's why there have been no new adverts.

    However I see on the telly that an awful lot of Borneo has been burnt down to plant Palms for oil, so there are a few hundred Orangutans going shonky apparently. Personally, I think they are funnier... they can blow that raspberry "fart" noise like the one on "Any which way but loose", and they are good at doing right hand turn signals. And just think how funny an Orangutan would look in a pin stripe waistcoat, wearing a bowler hat, pushing a piano up some stairs. Now THAT's comedy.

    Save the Orangutans. Get them a good agent.

    (Edited because Clint NEVER said "Left turn, Clyde")
  3. "You hum and I'll sing it son"
  4. They simply were not artistes. Their delivery and intonation were frankly plebian - I mean the producers actually had to dub most of the poor thing's lines.... and as for their quite ghastly acting craft - how they ever passed through RADA one can only guess - wooden isn't in it darling.

    Of course it's sad to see them having to take the Eastenders gig - but typecasting's a double edged sword - think of the peanuts.
  5. Anyone remember Suzi, the Orang-outan from Singapore zoo, she was a lovely girl..... she used to scare the shit out of tourists, by running up to thenm and hugging them, squaddies used to feed her the odd bottle of Tiger, she loved squaddies, unfortunately she caught human flu and died.

    Ahhhh, sad !
  6. A bigger classic than the Bible!!
  7. Did they have Equity Cards???

    Even if they did they were probably paid in Peanuts!!..

    See what I tried to do there.....
  8. Yup saw it................nice try, file it under shite.
  9. Stuff your PG tips chimps , nasty shower of little gits :twisted: forget your big cats, chimps are the most dangerous animal in captivity, hands to grab you with, a brain to think methodically with, and fxxx big teeth to bite you with they love meat have witnessed agroup of chimps attack a full grown leopard with rocks and clubs 8) kill it then eat it!!orangs are docile and slow, where as gorillas are just plain thick,my time in the army was excellent preparation for my life in zoos round the world :lol:
  10. I'd vote for them if they formed a political party. No weasle words with them just swift justice and a yummy breakfast ;)

    Just imagine the ballot paper

    Blah Blah..
    PG Tips Chimps

    You know you would ;)