Bring back the old War comics for boys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Whilst browsing the "Men's Interest" magazines at a local WH Smiths the other day, I couldn't help notice the obundence of sh1t PC rubbish TV/Celebrity based comics and magazines the kids have to choose from now-a-days.

    Bring back the old war comics for boys i say, the likes of 'Commando', 'Battle' and 'Warlord'. Tales of battles and wars with allsorts of do daring and heroics. We wouldn't have to look far, just print the stories of gallentry on the modern battlefield, the likes of Beharry & co, in comic form for a whole new generation of young boys to enjoy.

    The youngsters could learn about historic battles, kit and equipment and learn about army life without having to do any hardcore reading. You might be able to whack a bit of subliminal recruiting in there too.

    No doubt the PC brigade would shoot this idea down.
  2. Victor comic used to do just that. It would take stories of gallantry awards and publish them as their front cover story. I have some of them relating to my old regiment framed on my study wall.

    I would love to see them return, but I'm not sure the yoof of today or their scrofulous parents would be willing to buy them.

    Furthermore the market is dominated by multinationals promoting their own brands and characters. They would have no interest in publishing them, obviously, so you'd need a brave little independent to give it a bash and put itself up against the might of ITV, BBC, Hannah Barbara etc
  3. You can still buy 'Commando' etc, its just now day the plucky Tommy's foe is more likely to be defence cuts or a government witch hunt to find which one of his mates killed a 'Hun', even though there is a lack of said Hun's body and any witnesses to said Hun's death (other than those who will quite happily swear they saw Elvis for £250 a day).
  4. And IIRC it was the Eagle that used to have cutaway diagrams of V bombers and such.

    Half the Japanese army wore specs like the bottom of two Newcy Brown bottles, no wonder they lost.
  5. I seem to remember all the German soldiers said was "achtung schpitfeuer" and "gott in himmel"
    Many years later on posting to Germany, I thought I'd try out my fluent Deutsch........I still have the scar.
  6. Why don't we get them to re-release the whole line? Mind you if a PC jack-boot can get a Disney film banned until they give Donald Duck a pair of trousers and teach our kids to sing - BAH BAH raindow sheep - I take our chances as being close to rock-all.

    I did enjoy them though.
  7. You can still get "commando" comics in great omnibus formats from some bookshops.I saw some in waterstones the other day.Loads of "dakka dakka dakka", "aaiiiiiiiiiiiii", and "schnell tommies!".Alas we no longer live in a society where this brand of heroicism is popular.Comics about 'Gary's heroic attempt to get munted on cheap cider while texting his 15 year old pregnant girlfriend from the bus shelter" would be a lot more contemporary.
  8. They are. Commando is still on sale, I've seen it in WHSmiths.

    Apparently, they release eight comics a month, four new stories and four from the archives.

    Achtung Spitfeur! For you Tommy, ze vor is over etc.......
  9. There were always the stereotypes, however I used to buy Warlord, with stories like 'Kampfgruppe Falken', 'Iron Annie', 'Mullers Mob' amongst others depicting Germans an a fairly positive light. Japs on the other hand, Vermin.
  10. Ahh.. the yellow peril. "for the glory of the Empire....BANZAI"
    That's about all they said
    They always got a good shoeing from from some Chindit mob up country.
    Life was much simpler then.
  11. In particular, one Chindit who was left behind. His wounded mates were murdered my Burmese Villagers and he spent the rest of the war picking off Jap sentries and blowing up railways.
  12. On this side of the pond some attempt is being made to' relive the glory days '.. much talk of producing a film based on " Sgt. Rock" comics , sadly with Nicholas Cage in the prime role..
    and, just down the road from me they are currently ' lensing' [ as they say in the cine tabloids ] a " live action ' version of G.I. Joe

    haven't found out who is playing the sexy black clad Cobra babe as the studio doors are kept locked and guarded by usual black T-shirt biker types...and I'm too lazy to check the IMDB or Google

    and, to be fair, there are a few Iraq-storied films coming out though they are the 'America bad or misguided' type. such as In The Valley of Elah with Tommy Lee Jones currently unspooling in the local mulitplex...

    where's Biggles when you need him [ and wasn't there a movie about that.. Sam Neill I think??]
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I still say that on a regular basis.

    And while we're on, how about ressurecting the classic boys game "Japs and Commandos"?

    I got my first black eye as the result of a "You're dead". "Am not". "Are so" convo.

    We'd have to repackage it pixilated in a little plastic squawk box and issue packs of "Genuine knee cut transfers". "Sanitised dirt, Just add water"

    Bah. Pass me Werthers Originals and the Daily Mail. Thanks.
  14. To coin a phrase:

    And where the hell was Biggles,
    When you needed him last Saturday?
    And where were all the sportsmen,
    who always pulled you through?
    They're all resting down in Cornwall
    Writing up their memoirs,
    For a paper-back edition of the boy scout annual...

    (Cue one-legged mad flute solo...)