Bring back the black hat!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. Why are we no longer issued with the black beret for use on exercise?

    At the moment its anything goes from bobble hat, jungly hat and even the para crap hat but no black berets.

    I for one would like it to be reinstated as it looks a lot smarter than the hotch potch of headwear currently in use.

    For those of you too young to remember...the AAC used to reverse its current beret colours on exercise so we would wear Light blue with black pacth in camp etc and Black with light blue patch on exercise.
  2. Yeah but we still got laughed at when ever you met some one from another unit on ex
  3. Personally think we should where santa hats! :lol:
  4. For those of you too young to remember.
    I'd better stick to sucking tit.
  5. Had a rethink maybe we should wear magicians tophats and see if we can make vehicles and manpower appear!!! :lol:

    And perhaps wave a wand over the not so mighty lynx!
  6. With regard to the can only get worst when they become a pool item and you need to request them 18 years in advance....
  7. The Black hat - god that was way back in the day. The only problem was you had to buy a civvy made one and not the issue crap otherwise you were left with a landing site for the 6th Cav on your swede.

    The onset of the Kevlar helmet turned it around. Then they realised you couldnt wear it all the time so ones local comd instated donning into anything from green bobble hat mode to black bobble hat mode.

    The best thing though was the personal cam net (Face veil) one had to wear as a cravat. It was like trying to plait car tyres and looked even more stupid. When you wasnt wearing it around your neck, you had to have it rolled up in your left hand kidney pouch and if you were seen on stag, using it for its propper purpose, you were beated up by the NCO's for trying to be too much like Rambo.