Bring back the 1771

As a TA soldier I used to claim for my travel (private car mileage) on a 1771 form. Now I have to have 2 logins, a PC at the TA centre and a degree in Computer Science! Luckily I have the latter but it's still a nause! I need my JPA password resetting (it expires after 60 days) but they close at 7pm - TA starts at 7:30. I cannot log in from home. I came in on a weekend and it was down for maintenance. I tend not to attend on training nights as I live 60 miles from the TA centre and the M25 is involved - but now, after a weekend, I have to come in (1/4 day's pay plus another travel claim) just to submit my claim - in the old days I would just send in a form! The 1771 cost 32p to send in, now it costs the Army nearly £20 in pay plus £30+ in travel. Where's the sense in that?


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