Bring Back Spitting Images BNP breakaway group story

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Former BNP member sets up new rival far right political party - Local - Portsmouth News

    Congratulations to Portsmouth News. A genius there found an almost caricature Liberal to counter the caricature mental health nurse right winger.

    Liberal Faith Ponsonby (A descendant of Huguenots no less) seems a remarkably accomplished person possessed of the ability to walk about the Metropolis unmugged. And yet in no way feeling deprived of that aspect of the multicultural experience.

    There remains a lurking suspicion that the mental health nurse posts from time to time, on Arrse

    I wonder if said mental nurse has ever tended a patient deluded they are Hitler. Or deluded they are hereditary chieftain of an Irish close protection warrior tribe.
  2. "…‘I’m actually descended from the Huguenots who came to this country in the 18th century from France…"

    Well feck offski back to France you bloody immigrant!

  3. "Personally I love the buzz of walking round places like London where there are different people from different countries who want to live here and contribute to our economy".

    I bet she doesn't want to live there though!
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  4. Are Kent plod involved?
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  5. Well, he's French, so presumably his illegal immigrant parents sneaked in through Dover.
  6. I rather doubt she's talking about Tower Hamlets.
  7. 3896385826.jpg
    Why is it always the good looking ones?
  8. They are now!
  9. **** politics, this guy would do much better to make his name on The Undateables.
  10. Doctor of what? - I assume a PHD in criminal psychology or somesuch rather than an MD

    He looks like a loon but he does have a good point - unfortunately he'll attract other loons and the point will be lost.
  11. Are you aware that there is a universe outside Kent in general and Portsmouth in particular?
  12. How long has Portsmouth been in the Garden of England? Have there been boundary changes, I think Kent plod should be informed? Hampshire plod might also like to be let in on the nicking of one of their major towns.
  13. I think Hants Police wouldn't miss Pompey.

    As for this chap in particular, he could call his good idea The New Party. Now where did that end up? Oh yes...


    At least this lad could cut a dash.
  14. I do believe Mr Ugly should think about using the following to improve his image . .


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