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Bring back School Milk...


School in Seffrica in the '70's was a milk-free experience.

Most of the male teachers were from the tail end of the Second World War, but had been schooled by ex-soldiers. Our woodworking teacher had been in the Middle East during the Rematch. One way of getting uot of class was to shout "Abdul!" and then start running away, as he would chase you for 15, 20 minutes with whatever tools he could get his hand on. One female teacher's husband had been captured in Singapore and had his fingernails removed by the Japs. She hated oriental people.

Caning, however, in Boys High (second) school was... um... interesting. I stopped counting at 350 in my first year, and I wasn't a hooligan by any means. My father was the cousin of the vice-head, went to school with the headmaster and one of the two deputy heads, and the other deputy head came to our house on a Saturday afternoon to play tennis. Didn't protect me one iota. One language teacher had a policy of 1-2-3-4-5. If you had homework due on day 1 and didn't do it, one crack of his cane. Day two, same infringement, 2 canings. Day 3 - ad nauseum. Or, on day 1, you could object to the head master, who would give you 6 of the best.

Said deputy head tennis player: The fourth form (Grade 11) two years before me were a bunch of knobs to a boy/man, and despite frequent threats, remained so. Eventually, the head decreed that the whole form - just over 100 boys - were going to be caned (3 each, if I remember). The smart boys decided to go last, as his arm would be tired by then. He told the story that at about boy 50, he was getting warmed up, and the last boys received the full might of his right arm as he got into the swing of things.

Most weren't sadists, and teachers thought to be deviant were swiftly removed from the school.

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