Bring back national service

bring back national service

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Every army in the history of the world has always had some deserters, usually much greater than we have today, because once again every soldier who's joined the Army since 1963 is a volunteer, and the numbers are very small and they are almost completely for -- people desert almost completely for personal or financial reasons.” I think the government should bring back national service.
The Army is for War fighting, not Social services!
Disagree, why ruins the worlds finest professional army with the dross and chavs of modern Britain's social failings?
The only way you could instill sufficient discipline in a modern conscript army given the attitudes of todays young people is by corporal and capital punishment, and you'd never be allowed that given the PC attitudes of the politicians, so you'd just end up with an ill disciplined rabble that consumed taxpayers money without being a useful defence asset-look at the last 2 times a conscript army has gone up against real professionals-The Falklands and Gulf War 1- both total victories for the professional force, conscription is a relic of the industrial age...
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