Bring Back National Service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. A chap who used to live round the corner from me,whom had a fairly successful wartime career,rising to Lt.Col, left the Army because of National Service, stating he felt that a lot of fairly unwilling volunteers would do the armed forces no good at all.
  2. Having served with the last few National Servicemen I would disagree with your statement that they would be a burden, It was mainly NS who fought the Korean War, The Malayan Emergency and the Suez crisis. I would say though that National Service should not be seen as a panacea for society's ills. Oddly enough if you ever needed a loan it was almost always a NS who could provide it.
  3. Here's something I posted the other day here. I wanted people's thoughts on the matter, but it killed the thread. This made me quite tearful, so I've manned up a bit and am ready to try it again:

    Any thoughts?
  4. I agree with you craftsmanx, i have met a few old boys over the years who done more than there bit during national service.
    Only thing worrys me, is they didnt have a generation of lazy bone idol disco-biscuit popping chavs then to contend with. Imagine the human excrement we would have joinging up through NS. We think CDT is a problem now, check it out if we had NS, more being discharged than recruited.
    If this Govt would treat us the way any proffesional army should be, maybe retention would not be such a problem and NS wouldnt be an issue.
  5. I love all that "teach them a trade" shiite. I have mates leaving now after 22 years who strill don't have a trade. You try typing in "Anti-Tank" or "81mm Mortar" into the jobseekers database and there's not an awful lot of demand out there. They'll end up like the geordie bloke "Michael" in Alan Partridge.
  6. I fully agree. I myself am the bo||ocks with an 84 or a GPMG, and my discharge papers suggest I could be gainfully employed as a car park attendent or car washer.

    But read what I wrote again - I'm not suggesting the Queen's Own Toerag Rifles. They should be Pioneer/Engineer type dudes.
  7. I said something similar to this to a packed audience of local mayors and councillors when asked the same question at an Army Recruiting event a few years back. Obviously a bit more PC on the day but my sentiments are NS in the 40-60s had respectful citizens. Why should we take the scum of the day off the streets to ease the local councils of todays society then get slated for being an ill disciplined Army in now a days society.
  8. Would anyone here really fancy being in Afghan or Iraq with some chav who's been forced to join and doesn't want to be there watching your back when it matters the most?
  9. I would agree with a disciplined disaster relief force. With droughts and floods getting worryingly commonplace I would suggest that would be a better route to getting chavs more focussed in life.
  10. It could not be done. The armed forces no longer have the people or assets to facilitate national service. It would take decades of serious investment in the services infrastructure to get us up to a level where we would be able to train, lead, manage, equip and accommodate the national servicemen. I cannot see any government making such a massive financial commitment, especially this one.
  11. You've got it. It's not so much about getting chavs into the army as getting the army to sort out the couple of thousand chavs who are currently wasting everyone's time and taxes, but who if introduced to the concept of a damn good beasting could do sterling work on our country's behalf.

    The army gets to take the credit, and maybe - just maybe - the government could reflect the weight taken off the prison/police/criminal victims budget by passing it on to us.
  12. This idea is absolutely silly. Every regular soldier, sailor and airman (and probably the reserves too) would be engaged in training new recruits. There would be no one to go on operations. And with the amount of money it would take to house, feed, clothe, equip and pay these national servicemen (women too?) there wouldn't be much left in the defence budget for much else. Of course you could only conscript a certain number each year. But then whom? A ballot system like those used in other countries at certain times?

    Anyway this is pointless because it's not going to happen. Most large European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands) stopped conscription in the last ten years, and many of them had had it since the 19th century. The countries that do have conscription (the Scandinavian countries and Germany, Poland, a few others) are generally stuck with large amounts of non-deployable soldiers in their armies, because most governments are not prepared to send conscripts overseas in today's era of expeditionary warfare.

    There has been vague talk of bringing back "selective service" in the US, but again, it just isn't going to happen.
  13. It wouldn't work, in the 40,s 50,s 60,s it did work. different morals upbringing,etc, etc
    nowadays yob would cry human rights you couldn't shout at them or discipline them we called it character building they call it bullying..they would inform mother and she in turn would approach MP...

    And as someone earlier in this thread stated ," would you trust some of the yobs in hoodies watching your back on a miision.. I dont think so..