bring back national service-millenium style.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redmenacemedic, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. I know its the usual rant against feckless youth(what is a feck exactly?),but I currently live in a country with national service.

    Of course scrotes who find they cant use their drugs,lie in bed or give lip as is their right under european law ,might be a problem.
    But If you could sort out all the civ lib stuff-would it help society and the kids?

    Think about it-service with 100% population of all classes/races/religion/gender-no exemptions except on humanitarian grounds-ie severe disability,only caregiver to elderly relative etc.

    If you have an anti war religion or belief-you introduce the option of optional service in police(no gun!),fire service,ambulance service,nhs,community care,and so on.

    total empowerment to every person and group in UK-real citizenship!

    Pay a decent salary for a basic entry worker with no experience.
    scheme to allow transfer to fulltime service for those who want to, and nvq training to alllow the time to be spent, not only getting life experience,but qualifications backed by experience, that would give them a chance to escape the dole and dead-end jobs.
    no war commitment of course.

    works here-but they also jail crims,hang murderers and drugdealers, and have a low crime rate and fast police response!
  2. As to your idea, I have always thought that all and I do mean all, every single person no get out clauses for reasons of birth privilege money schooling disability or anything, 18 year olds should be given the choice between 1 year military service, 18 months helping out in hospitals/hospices etc or 2 years working overseas for one of the major charities. Pay would be enough for food and clothing and accomadation but not a lot more, when their time is up they can continue with schooling/partying/benefit scrounging as they see fit.
  3. Why ALL ??

    There is a large majority of kids leaving skool with good educashun who genuinely want to go to uni, or who genuinely have a proper job. Perhaps the arguement is those out of work, and sponging on benefits. Perhaps benefits should be paid for a certain time (a bit like Germany) and then the feckless, idle, druggie, asbo, chav scumbag could be forced to take one of your suggestions, along with all the assylum seekers 'allegedly' escaping the dreadful torture of not being able to claim benefits in their own county for doing f*** all.

    I feel better now !

  4. But what about their HUMAN RIGHTS?
  5. Because if you have any get out clauses for anything then you will get court cases and the feckless screaming oppression/unfair etc etc. IF you make it a 100% across the board then no one can claim they are being hard done by.
  6. Surely then the well educated kids will also now have a sense of moral responsibility, teamwork, and be able to deliver the good news to any cant who deserves it.

    If we only take the idiots, and spongers, all we end up doing is flooding our armed forces with more chavs than you can shake a shitty stick at. And some regiments must have reached their chav-diversity quota already!
  7. I agree and when they have done their time they are allowed to vote. A La Starship Troopers (the book not the film) people do military service and earn the right to vote, becuase they have already taken on the responsibility for the country's safety.
  8. Care in the community would be working properly for once and each olddy would have two carers.

    It is a nice idea but what do you do with them, who trains them and who looks after them. Were do they live?

    On a quick search I got the figure of 316,594 students going to uni this. As about 40% of 18s go on to uni that make it an intake each year of about 800,000. With one instructor for every 12 that’s 66,000 Cpl. If you had them in Bn of 1000 that 800 barracks you will need. At a cost of £4 an hour for 8 hours on a 240 day year that’s a wage cost of £6,144,000,000.

    I would love to see them having a hard time but………
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You don't have to teach them soldiering. For the first few years, they spend 16 hours a day building accommodation.
  10. Done to death and it won't happen. How about the government just sacks things like job seekers allowance and money for sitting on arrse and pumps more money into current jobs.

    I'm sure the prison officers would be pleased!
  11. Look at the Finnish defence force, conscription and a salary of about 10 euros a week, crap food (guaranteed to lose weight) but you do get cheap rail travel!! 4 to 12 months commitment depending on rank eventually aiming for and have to report back for continuation training/mobilisation as they see fit.

    Easy peasy.
  12. Switzerland had something similar, seemed to work well because its in their Culture, it won't work in ours because we lost it many years ago, it difficult to restart something that has been shut down, when it was running, everybody expected to do it at some point in their life and it was expected of them to do it without shirking, their Dads would go apeshit if they refused to do so and would refuse to let them back in the house.
    this was also recounted by Paul Daniels in Lads Army, when he thought of a wheeze to get out by pretending to be Gay, his Dad said "where will you live ? because I did my bit in the War I expect you to do yours and if you don't then don't bother coming back home" to which Paul said " ok I suppose I better stick it out"

    can't see that happening now.
  13. You guys are describing the German system thats worked quite well for the last god knows how long and everybody and I mean everybody has to take part (so no sabbaticals stateside or going into the family buisiness or off to Uni until you have and it does'nt seem to have affected their GDP that much :) ) oh and if you do'nt want to do the green thing you go and work for the health service but the main point seems to be that you give something before you start taking :) (ps I know my spellings crap but please forgive as I've been away)
  14. Yes we should bring back national service, if was along the lines of BAD LADS ARMY style it will get the bloody chavs in line and teach them a word they do not understand/comprehend RESPECT.

  15. In the olden days when I did my National Service you went in at 18 unless you were doing an apprenticeship, course of study etc. At the end of your study they could get you up to the age of 26. So there was little chance of escaping unless there was something physically wrong with you like a dicky heart.
    After training NSMen were treated as ordinary soldiers and many fought in such places as Korea and Malaya. There was no difference between regulars and NSmen except the pay was lower until you had done 18 months.
    I hated every minute of my service until it was finished...then I thought it was great. I didn't fancy signing on for regular service as it would have meant another six months abroad and I had already done 18 months in the Far East and Middle East. At least they gave me two service medals even though I had to wait over 50 years before that nice Mr Blair allowed a GSM for service in the Suez Canal Zone.

    Bring back National Service 1950's style.