Bring back National service....a quick fix, It's called DISCIPLINE

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wolfstalker01, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. I would really LOVE National service to be brought back in. It would utilize all the moth-balled kit, bases etc & teach a missing value: discipline, respect & self-reliance. none of this 'I broke a nail so I'm suing your arse' or racial abuse. It's surprising how quickly your world-view changes when you have to muck in with a group of 'newbies' for a few weeks.
  2. Terrible, terrible idea.

    As a professional soldier I feel there are enough idiots serving who volunteered to join up. And lots of them do really bad jobs because they actually can't be bothered and want to get out. Imagine the problems we'd have with a bunch of no-hopers who are only in uniform because they were forced into it? It'd be a bloody nightmare. Discipline (and it's poor enough as it is) would descend into farce.

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  3. It'd be worse than working with the TA.
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  4. This is the worst idea since the last worst idea and possibly the one before that too....
    The army doesnt need assorted chavs, kyleites, and pikeys dragging the already overstreched resources down even futher

    By all mean establish a parallel army, using retired NCO's and Disused Barracks plus whatever obsolete kit we havent flogged on E-Gov-Bay, but keep it seperate from the Regular and Territorial Army
  5. Gone are the day's of the BAOR when you just needed blokes to sit in trenches and hold back Ivan for 24hrs or to sit in a listening station wanking your self to death. We can't afford a professional army now let alone press ganging thousands of can't be arssed youths.
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  6. Guys, thanks for the posts & no offence intended but the whole idea is to get them used to authority, taking instructions, following instructions, achieving something & ultimately developing a skill set & an attitude that they feel good about who they are & have achieved something & can go back into society with more hope & confidence than they actually have at the moment. It's NOT to be a jumped up back-up service for the regulars or the TA (who do a BLOODY vital job) No-one is expecting these guys to do any form of 'service' As for the professional soldier comment, I'll bet you were as raw and green & didn't know one end of a rifle from the other when you enlisted....... but look where you are now.
  7. IIRC National Service was dumped in the 1950s at the request of the armed forces. Blokes were in for three years, which is a long time compared to the period imposed by the few countries that still have it today (generally between 1 and 2 years). But three years was just about the point at which a recruit was becoming a useful soldier.

    And as Penelle says, can you imagine being in with thousands of blokes who were just counting the days until they got out?
  8. But is was something we WANTED to do, we werent forced to take the shilling........... thats a HUGE difference
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  9. Spotted the Army doing any of its 'core business' recently? Yes? So how much time do you think is available to milksop budding ASBOs who aren't going to do any 'service?'

    This is such a shit idea that it's probably on the UKIP manifesto. Why not start an e-petition?
  10. No offence ScalyDave but you would be surprised how many regulars actually took that shilling because they could not find a decent job or career.....and then made something WORTHWHILE out of their service.
  11. Personally I would LOVE to like some of these louts into shape...and I would be more than happy to do it for free *grin* Honestly guys take a chill-pill.
  12. And most of those biffed out in the first few weeks in my experienced
  13. Can you imagine it? Front line Afghanistan. Section comes under effective enemy fire. National Service chav - what will his reaction be?

    Now, I know that in the two world wars, Korea and others wars National Servicemen did sterling work and fought with honour and bravery, but they were a different sort of person than the underclass we have now.
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  14. Exactly, and any form of voluntary / bribery driven ( i.e. some kind of GI bill ) National service wouldn't attract the ferals, feckless and wastrels

    also what realistically would you use the the ferals, feckless and other wastrels for in National service ? even if you introduced German style 'civilian' options would the ambulance service, rest of the NHS/ social care, fire service, local councils or people like the Environment Agency want these wastrels even at sub minimum wage costs?
  15. The only difference is that the TA want to be there so those that do deploy at least try.

    Back to the subject.

    For a long time I thought that it might be a good idea however like so many have already mentioned it would be a complete night mare, what makes the British Army the best in the world is not the kit or backing from the government it is the fact that we all chose to do this for a living. We can cope with some drop out that we have now but even they chose to join, imagine units where all the lower ranks don't want to be there at all.