Brilliant video from Iraq (Comedy) 3 SQN RAF REGT

Professional Soldiers?

SRDG in action.
god help us all.


been on before!
Quick.....there's a bandwagon.....
i don't know about 'Danger danger'...i found it a lot more 'Gay bar,gay bar'
Which was the funny bit?
jesus wept - we should all stand corrected, there is nothing remotely homosexual about the RAF Regiment ... and it should never be suggested that they recruit humour deficient, mmllaarrring window lickers.

End of generalisation
aaah, go on then, I'll bite.....

having a laugh, good on 'em

still, not as funny as the army hanging PW's off fork lift trucks is it??
The bit with the "Turdis" and the two fire extinguishers was enough to make me spit my brew over the monitor.
Well done, you lot! :applaud:

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