Brigitte Gabrielle - Controversial speeches on Islamic Extremism

Do you think Brigitte Gabrielle Speaks the truth?

  • Yes, and I wish British politicians had the guts to say the same.

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  • No, she is an Islamophobe trying to sell her books and is a right wind scaremonger.

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  • I thought this thread had pictures of Brigitte Bardot and so clicked on it by mistake.

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OK so after being insulted yet again by a Muslim South Asian guy in the street a few weeks ago I started looking up aspects about Islamic Extremist culture. I found an interesting set of clips by a Lebanese American woman amongst the videos of gays being thrown off buildings and women being stoned for 'adultery' when they were actually raped etc etc

In a nutshell she is Christian Lebanese and also lived in Israel where she worked in media. She is a very passionate and controversial and politically incorrect speaker and criticises Islamist culture heavily. I'd go so far as to say she hates them, but she repeats that she doesn't (yeah, right). The first video is the one I came across first but I recommend you watch all of them for a more complete view and then give your two cents. I see a lot of the things she is mentioning coming true, though I don't agree with her on everything and she is oversimplistic. Be warned her speeches may turn even the biggest leftie into a Daily Mail fanatic and they take a while to get through. However very eye opening. Links below. Excuse the cringe inducing americanisms. Would be great if she made a speech about Britain in the same way to see what's going on.

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