Brighton Rock.

The Manager of the Brighton Rock Co. phones the Manager of the Bournemouth Rock Co. to check up on a guy who has applied for a job.

He tells him that a certain guy has applied for work and has said that he is a very hard worker and can make two miles of rock a day. Also, he'd never had a day off work in sixteen years at the Brighton factory and had never been late for work either. The Brighton rock Manager went on to say that the guy had told him that when a Foreman's job became vacant, he had been overlooked for promotion, so he had finished his shift, told them to stick the job and walked.

The Bournemouth Manager says. "Yes, he's a top class worker and can easily produce two miles of rock a day and it's true that he's a good timekeeper and he's never taken a sickie in sixteen years. It's also true that he wasn't promoted, this was mainly due to his quick temper which could cause them trouble if he was a Foreman."

The Brighton Manager is impressed and says. "Thanks a lot for that, he sounds like just the man for us."

The Bournemouth guy replies. "You're welcome...and should you chance to come across anyone in the trade who would like to buy two miles of rock with bollocks written through the middle, please get back in touch."
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