Brighton adventurer to tackle mountains in Afghanistan

Brighton adventurer to tackle mountains in Afghanistan
5:50pm Thursday 8th April 2010

By Ruth Lumley »

A record-breaking adventure athlete is preparing to tackle remote mountains where few people have gone before.

Suzy Madge, from Brighton, and her all-female expedition team will climb the Qala-e Hurst Valley in the Wakhna Corridor, north east Afghanistan, to promote the fact that there is more to Afghanistan than Helmland Province and the Taliban.

The team wants to raise awareness about the beauty of a war-torn country which boasts some of the most dramatic and breathtaking mountains, many of which are still unclimbed and unnamed.
Interesting comments concerning the article on it's page eh? I guess there is no charity that needs help near her at home.

So... how much in tay payers dollars will be expended to either rescue her entourage or at least recover the bodies once the Taliban is finished playing with them?
The only rescue they'll need in that part of the country is remote medical insurance policy in the event of a mountaineering accident.

I was talking to a commercial mountaineering group leader a few weeks ago about travel in that region, the only thing stopping me booking with him was that I'd be required to fly into Kabul and I don't think I'd get the clearance (as I'm still serving), if I was a civvy I'd book it.
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