Brigadier resigns over lack of kit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. I wouldn't normally have taken much notice of something like this, as Brigadiers resign all the time... which creates room for the rest of us... but I found myself wondering what the hell was going on when I found that 60% of my colleagues on a recent tasking had signed off. They were all senior Captains and junior Majors. This is not good for the long-term future of the Army.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's absolutely sickening. Another highly skilled, highly intelligent, highly motivated officer with a huge amount to offer in the forces, sufficiently demotivated by politico scumbags with no sense of decency or shame that would make them appreciate just what they are doing to one of our greatest assets.
  3. if it's good enough for him.....form a queue
  4. I had met and worked for this officer not in SF circles but at JTFHQ. He was an awesome officer he would just walk in your office and talk to you like a human being. He liked honest answers and if there was a problem it was sorted. I am deeply shocked that he had to resign. I was looking forward to him going further in his career. He would have been a thorn in the side of any politician. A mans man with a sense of humour. What has he seen that has shocked him so far! By him leaving is he showing that the army is no longer a safe place to work?

    Ed if you are reading this good luck and all the best. Im the cheeky bastard who told you to piss off somewhere hot and sunny and you just laughed at me.

  5. Maybe politics would be his next move.

    I agree, if there is discontentment at that level over issues that affect all ranks then all ranks will be affected by his resignation. Shame.
  6. Either he quit because he wasnt selected as Director Special Forces or it was because of kit,pay and general lack of funding.If he had gotten the promotion would he have quit ?
  7. I am led to believe that a major influence on Tootal's decision to resign was that he did not get the job he wanted!
  8. Very telling that 'an insider at the MOD', according to the Mail, is saying he has left because he didn't get the job he wanted. Never mind the other reasons of course. Is it common policy for the MOD to comment publicly about officers' PPPs, or is it applicable only when they want to leave an impression of sour grapes as a reason for leaving? Once again the MOD attempts to spin bad news.
  9. Just had a quick look at what Brig Butler was saying back in July 2006 when he was in charge in Afg, Brigadier Ed Butler, said "that British forces were well prepared and well equipped to deal with the insurgency. He admitted that force levels were "under review" and he had asked the MoD to send out more equipment in response to "the changing circumstances".

    No public comment on a lack of equipment.

    Everyone is listening, this is his chance to make his reasons absolutely clear.

    Pity he isn't replacing the current DSF, I have a great deal of respect for this man.
  10. From the article, reading between the lines, I get the distinct impression that Brig Butler did not get the Dir SF job because he was critical of kit shortages in the BOI following the death of Capt Phillipson.
  11. Seems he was politicked out. His Phillipsoncomments got out through a back door but caused lot of hassle at MOD. They did not want him as DSF so they haled back promotion because of Phillipson and, just in case that did not work, upped DSF on star.
    I think his time in Af'g was a big demotivator where the conflicting claims were never made plain and a lot of guys went through a lot of aggro and worse becaus of this.
    Read Millions of Bullets; gives clear picture of what he and the Para guy went through.
  12. He might have said that publicly Nige but this is what he said in his post-operational report:

    This of course was at a point when ministers were telling parliament repeatedly that commanders in Afghanistan had as many troops as they had asked for.

    High flying SF officer keeps quiet in public but is honest in his reporting in private.

    That honest reporting emerges in public as a result of BoI report circulated six months ago.

    Said officer's promotion slowed as a result.

    He fails to get the job he was made for - Director Special Forces - because it is now a major-general's role and his promotion from brigadier has been stymied by honest private reporting revealed six months ago.

    Said officer decides "after six months of deliberation" that it's time to go.
  13. Thanks Mick, my post was not a criticism of Ed Butler, I am grateful for the information you conveyed in your post. In a roundabout way I worked for Ed Butler, he has a formidable reputation and I know he will be sorely missed.

    Sadly, the Govt used the public comments of people like Ed Butler as justification for claiming that the Afg deployment was properly supported and equipped.

    You know my views, I would like to see a Govt Defence Minister in the dock if it can be proven that requests for equipment upgrades were blocked.

    Pity Ed Butler didn't make his real opinions public at the time.

    There is a lesson here for all commanders who support lines of govt spin.

    Edited to add, that Ed Butler is one of the most capable officers of his generation. Mick, do you have any indication who stalled his promotion prospects. Was it the British Army or the Govt?